Weekend Happenings, Part 1: New Wardrobe

>> Monday, January 24, 2011

(No! I didn't get all new clothes. I'm still really excited to buy nothing new in 2011. We're talking wardrobe -- furniture-style!)

A lot of you probably don't remember how our "master" bedroom looked a couple years ago. It's one of those rooms in our home that's always in flux. We borrow from it from time to time (like when we stole our nightstands for end tables in our recently changed living room/dining room setup).

Actually, the entire upstairs of our house isn't exactly showroom-ready because we're always picking at it.

Oh, well! Here's how the wall and closet area looked way back when. (I don't know what we were thinking with those purple curtains. Maybe my inner-child picked those out.)

No. We didn't overhaul the whole thing this weekend. I want to -- and soon. Though, I'm still not sure about colors. Also -- and here's a fun piece of information -- we have never, ever had a real bed. We just have our mattress and box spring on the floor. It appears to be a platform bed. But . . . no. That's on the list before anything else.

What DID we change? The storage situation! Our closets are wicked small. So, my clothes have always been in the "master" bedroom closet. Stephen's have always been in the guest bedroom. A guest bedroom which is now a gym. We decided this weekend to relocate all our active wear (and there's a lot of it!) to this new gym.

The bedroom now happily houses both our wardrobes. And though this new setup may not be pretty -- it works.

We've had the dresser for a while. It's full of my stuff. But we bought a cheap-o wardrobe from Home Depot (only $95!) and assembled it Saturday afternoon. It wasn't the easiest thing to deal with . . . but -- ultimately -- we're happy with it.

I tend to let my laundry get out of control and pile on the floor. Now, picking out my clothing in the morning is WAY easier. (Sorry for the blurry-ness.)

I agree with a lot of you who said the whole boots/jeans combo works on me (I'm so humble, right?). So, I did it again. This time with a turtleneck sweater from J. Crew. Eternity scarf from TJ Max. And glasses. I am still having trouble popping my contacts in. Ick.

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