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>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

#1: CAT LADY . . . I fear I'm becoming that crazy cat lady. You know -- that woman down the street who stares longingly into the distance as she brags about what her fur-babies (gag!) did that day. Many most of my friends seem to have babies and children around. Lots of photos of cute stuff their kids do and adorable outfits their kids wear.

We just have our cats. At least for now.

Anyway, this is Scully's new pose. She lays this way for hours on end, usually on the wood floor. Like she's training for a Guinness Book record or something. We may just need to time her one of these days.

#2: FOOD RUT . . . I've toyed with the idea of doing another Day in the Life of my Stomach series. I enjoyed it last year -- even learned some stuff about my habits that helped me. Thing is, what I eat on a daily basis is pretty boring. (Yes, I've tried new things -- like soy-glazed salmon -- but still!)

Take breakfast, for example.

Every day for the past couple weeks, I've munched on a bowl of Kashi's Autumn Wheat cereal. With almond milk. Sometimes with a dab of peanut butter on top. Sometimes with half a grapefruit, too. I even poured my Roasted Quinoa "Tea" over it once. (Tasted OK, but not great.).

I guess I'm happy in my food rut at the moment. In fact, when I tried to break out of it and try something new. (Specifically, a wheat-free, gluten-free bread recipe.) Well, disaster struck. I almost set fire to our kitchen. I would have snapped a photo . . . but I was too busy waving smoke out our back door.

This isn't to say I'm not lusting over some incredible eats. Here are the top recipes I'm eying at the moment:


Emily's Black Quinoa Blueberry Pudding
Ashley's Coconut-Almond-Chocolate Butter
Angela's No-Bake PB-Chocolate Crispies w/ PB "Fudge"
Sarah's Cookie Dough Dip
Heidi's Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies


Helene's Salmon and Swiss Chard Quiche
Katie's Sunday Morning Baked Eggs
Deb's Baked Potato Soup
Joy's Ginger and Lentil Soup

#3: OPEN MIC . . . Just a reminder that the Blogtastic "Open Mic" is still set for next Friday, February 25th. Not sure how many people are going to take part -- but the more the merrier! We had a sign-up list that all of a sudden stopped working, so if you signed up . . . thank you. If not, it doesn't matter. On the 25th, we'll post a fresh list where you can link to your post.

#4: NO SHAMPOO . . . Last of random thoughts for today: The No-Shampoo Project. We wrote about Stephen's switch from shampoo to a more natural, eco- and scalp-friendly approach back in December. Next week, we're going to post how it's going. And I'm starting my own adventure with the process.

To be honest, I'm somewhat afraid. And if my hair turns into an absolute oil sponge, I'll have to switch back.

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