Soy-Glazed Salmon

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For whatever reason, I craved salmon on Saturday evening. Stephen didn't complain. And since I have decided to just go with trying fish when the mood strikes, we decided to pick up a couple fresh pieces at Wegmans.

Mine's the smaller one, of course.

We all know I'm not terribly familiar with cooking fish. I go with what I know. I've heard the phrase "soy-glazed salmon" more than a couple times in my life. So, when we got home, I got to work looking for a glaze recipe. I quickly found one made by Martha Stewart.

Then I tweaked it to match our preferences/in-house ingredients.

We prepared the brown rice first, since that takes almost an hour. Then, while the oven was preheating, I whisked together the glaze. I substituted sesame oil for olive oil at the last minute, and I think that was a tasty decision.

Also: I absolutely adore blood oranges, they're so pretty!

After 20 minutes, the fish was done baking. The aroma was certainly more intense than when we had the Orange-Cayenne Baked Tilapia several weeks ago. I had expected that. Along with the smell, something about salmon looks incredibly meat-y.

It was a lot to take in. So, I didn't go crazy trying to get fantastic photos.

I slathered my 3-ounce piece (which is pictured above, because I couldn't eat the entire 6 ounces -- even this small bit seemed like a ton) with some of The Peanut Butter Co's "The Heat is On" peanut butter whisked with a little almond milk.

I thought maybe it would help me dig in.

After lots of procrastination, it was time to eat. Yikes!

Just like last time, I kept asking Stephen if it was cooked properly. If it was done the whole way through. Thankfully, the peanut butter sauce DID help. It went extremely well with the soy glaze and fish.

Who knew?

Final impressions: Salmon is definitely fish. I tasted the sea while eating it. I'm still not totally enthusiastic about seafood, but I'm still willing to give it a few more tries.

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