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>> Tuesday, February 1, 2011

. . . and then cried. Because what's funny sad is how much more STUFF we have now. This photo was taken almost three years ago. Right around when we moved into our home. Previously, we lived in tiny apartments with almost no kitchen space. Our current digs give us little room to sprawl . . . but we definitely have more storage.

Anyway, despite efforts to purge my life of physical and mental clutter, I've been avoiding the kitchen. Whether or not I realize it, I've left this sacred room for last. Holding on to each and every spatula, Teflon-chipped pan, gouged cutting board, and stained tea towel. This drawer is overflowing at the moment. I can't find ANYTHING!

What this picture speaks simplicity.

I know far more now about cooking and baking methods than I did then. If I really think about it -- having three sets of measuring cups, two sets of measuring spoons, a gazillion pinch bowls, and other random gizmos and gadgets doesn't make me a better cook. It just makes me frustrated.

So, I'm hoping to carve away some time to really examine what we have in our kitchen. I'll take a new before/after photo of our baking drawer (and bins and cabinet, etc., etc., etc.). I'm aiming to have one quality tool to do the job for each job that has to be done (like spatula, bread knife, tablespoon). The other stuff, I'll place in storage for six months (or so) -- at which point, I'll evaluate if we should keep or donate.

Leaning means less cleaning.
Less cleaning means more time.
More time means more cooking and baking.
More cooking and baking means more recipes.
More recipes = more stuff to share with you!

What room in your house collects the most clutter? Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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