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>> Monday, March 14, 2011


After some negotiations, we came to an agreement with the seller of the house Friday afternoon. We settled on a fair price -- with a 60-day house sale contingency clause in the mix. This means we have 60 days to sell our home. If we don't, the deal it off.

So. Our house goes on the market . . . TODAY. Yeah. That's right. We spent the entire weekend shining up the place, which involved quite a laundry list of tasks. Worst of which was hanging a new door for the kitchen pantry. (I hate having to make things square, the darn thing wouldn't shut for HOURS until we fussed over it a ton.)

We still have a lot to do, but we're hoping this process is a speedy one. When we were looking/offering the first go-around, all we had to worry about was getting a loan. Oh, how I pine for those days . . .

If all works out, I figure the earliest we can possibly move in is the first week of May. The latest would be in July. Worst case scenario has us staying in our current place, which is all spiffed up. It's win-win-win, really.


We cleaned and hauled and cleaned some more. I did have time to squeeze in a St. Patty's race, though. A 4-miler, and I'm quite proud with my new PR for the distance: 29:15 (7:18 pace -- smashed the old PR by 45 seconds).

I also placed 3rd in the 20-29 age group of 102 gals. 12th of all 357 women. And 103 of 747 overall participants. Not that I'm counting. :)

(It's finally getting nicer out -- we needed sunglasses!) My friend Dani also ran the race and kicked some major butt. Who that other guy is in the photo, we have no clue. But from the looks of it, he enjoyed himself immensely.


After we finished cleaning Sunday, I sat down -- quite exhausted -- and caught up on some blogs and news. Then I checked my traffic (again, I'm a stats dork) . . . and I saw I was getting some visits from a post in a PETA board.

At first I thought: "Maybe they are sharing a vegan recipe of ours -- that's cool!" And then, my heart sank when I saw this:

All in response to our Becoming Un-Vegan post. I'm not going to dwell too much on the negative comments in reaction to the original post. Nor will I focus heavily on the few devotees who decided to bring their anger to our site's comments section.

Still, I don't get the harsh judgment from all these strangers.

My response: I don't judge friends/family members/people in general based on their diets. Way more goes into eating and health than ethics. I very much appreciate and support the vegan diet. Being vegan myself for many years and trying hard at it, I know it isn't right for me. There's really no defense necessary beyond that.

It wasn't all bad: This one comment in response made me smile. Because this girl obviously gets it. Diet is a choice and it's extremely personal.

This all being said, I have made a decision about my diet recently that I was planning on discussing later this week. I'll get into it more soon, but in short: I've tried fish a few times now (tilapia and salmon). It isn't working out. I don't crave it. I'm not in love with the flavor (texture mostly). I hate cooking it (so weird, but it's just like a chore to me!).

So, though I don't love labeling, for all intensive purposes, I'm back to being a full vegetarian. It's where I feel the healthiest, happiest, and most alive. Why do you eat the way you eat? We're all different . . . but it's interesting to me how controversial diets can be.

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