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>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to start training for something again. (Yeah. Despite the llllllllong hiatus from running posts, I am indeed still a runner.) Though, even as I write this, I feel a slight twinge/tightness in my IT-band. I'm not totally healed, but I'm starting to think that this injury is one that may stick around. However, it's much, much better than it was -- and I've been able to run 11-milers without much trouble. Sticking between 20 to 30 miles a week.

A half marathon is where I'm setting my sights this spring. How I'll be training is somewhat different than in the past. I'm having some difficulty accepting these changes. I consider myself rather open-minded about fitness, but with racing always favored time on my feet running versus cross-training.

The knee begs otherwise. So, here's the plan. At least for now.

Some points:
  • I'm easing back into weekly mileage. When I started getting better enough to resume regular running, I was still on marathon mindset. (I affectionately call what happened to me last fall "marathon blue balls" -- all the training with no payoff -- so I'm still trying to get a fix, I guess.) I felt weird if I didn't run at very minimum 6 miles each workout. I have to remember that 3 is still legit. Each Thursday run will be 3 miles max.
  • I reserve the right to aqua jog any of these workouts as desired or necessary. Especially on Tuesdays, where I feel I'll treat some of those days as speedwork. (Much of aqua jogging revolves around intervals, repeats, and "sprints")
  • I'll run my long runs at a slow pace. I have a 15K and test-it-out half race schedule for a pace runs. Otherwise, call me the tortoise!
  • Swimming will be key on the Sundays after races to keep my cardiovascular endurance humming . . . all while giving my joints some rest. 
To be quite honest, having this plan out there . . . well . . . it makes me accountable now. I already feel tremendous pressure. But in a way, it's good to give racing a try again. After my fall plans fell through, and especially after my first DNF, I've had a lot of anxiety associated with racing.

For this reason, I'm not looking for PR this year. I'm still riding off last year's string of great races. And that's OK. I don't run to win. God, no. I don't run for the races, really. I just like it.

Still, if anyone has more tips on dealing with IT-band issues (returning to running after the injury, specifically), I'd love to hear 'em. Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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