>> Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not much time to write today. We're putting in an offer on another house that we fell in love with. (Yeah. I guess you could classify us as house whores. Or something like that.) This time, it's smack in the center of everything we have going on. No, really! It's one mile away from where I work (goodbye, driving -- hello, walking/biking!). We'll see if they accept our offer, which includes a hefty 60-day house sale contingency (have to sell our place first . . . or no dice!), but we're keeping our hopes high and our excitement level at a minimum.

It very well might not work out. It very well might not work out. But, worst case, we'll still have our lovely home. No too shabby.

Needless to say, I feel somewhat crazy today. We have to fix some stuff before we're ready to list our place (THIS WEEKEND -- no pressure or anything!). And clean. A lot. There's still the whole matter of getting the sellers to agree to our offer. Who knows?! Enough about that (for now).

  • I bought a foam roller this weekend to help deal with my IT band problems. So far, it's working out wonderfully. I want to give it a few more weeks before I declare it a total success. But thanks to all of you who suggested it!
  • I ran 5 miles this morning as part of my half marathon training plan. In the MORNING. And it was fabulous. I'm going to try again tomorrow to get my butt out the door early. This always happens right around when we spring back . . . and I get too tired again. Positive thoughts!
  • We've made 3-hour Naan every day for almost a week now. And I'm not sick of it. Last night, we paired it with a new curry dish I'll share sometime soon. Yum!
More soon! I sort of wish it was still Monday, and my biggest concern was getting snow out of my socks.

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