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>> Friday, May 20, 2011

I've been running in Nike Free Run + for six months now. I gave them a try in the wake of my IT-band injury late last fall. Ever since, and due to a variety of methods and tweaks, my IT has been fine. Sigh. It's a true love story.

Hell, I even featured the left shoe in our banner image!

I'd need a new pair eventually. That was inevitable. And after last weekend's half marathon (in the rain and mud, mind you), I indulged. It wasn't that I absolutely needed them. The shoe's support is still great. However, I always wear the pair sans socks . . . and despite my efforts to wash them, they were pretty rank.

See the difference?

I'll continue to enthusiastically push the Nike Free Run + shoes. Interestingly, I'm partial to the older model, for which stock is dwindling on store shelves. I hunted around to find this pair so I could delay trying a new version a while longer.

I hate when shoes change. Even slightly. So, hopefully the new Nike Frees don't deviate from what I know and love. We'll see in 6 months.


Thanks for all your input on our kitchen redo post. Many of you gave us some amazing ideas, like checking out Habitat ReStores and other architectural salvage yards for deals on cabinets; utilizing open shelving to create the illusion of space, but with storage; moving our microwave to a shelf above the oven with a ventilation system; and browsing the Ikea website/stores for cheap, stylish stuff.

Others reminded us that it could be worse. Our kitchen isn't terribly small. Not everyone has a dishwasher. People who do don't always use theirs. And we should be thankful for what we do have. We wholeheartedly agree.

However, it was what Brookin shared that really got our minds rolling. She sent us this photo (from Apartment Therapy).

We can't believe how much this space reminds us of our own. It also represents the simple, no-frills style we'd like to go for. So, I spent a bit of time pricing out some unfinished cabinets (not that we're closing the door on gently used ones just yet), and it looks like to get some lowers and uppers in a similar arrangement, we'd spend around $1,000. Another $300 or so for a dishwasher. Then some backsplash action and other stuff . . . the $2,000 budget goal doesn't seem terribly out of reach, provided we do the work ourselves.

Stay tuned . . .


Grr. It looks like the weather will be wetter than we expected. It's not a total deal-breaker, but things aren't looking favorable for digging in the dirt this weekend.

Or all next week, really.

What you taught us is that we should have a plan before tossing various things in the ground and crossing our fingers. Maybe the rain is trying to tell us the same thing. And I guess we could always shift our focus indoors and continue to organize/clean.

What are your weekend plans? Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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