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>> Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm taking a breather today. I woke up with the best intentions to make an awesome breakfast to share with you all. A new micromuffin recipe I've been dreaming up with tons of extra protein go-power.

I mixed together the ingredients . . .
oiled the mug . . .
and opened the microwave.

To my horror, a small dish of cooked collards were already in the machine. Let me specify. They had already been in there for at least three days. Rotting. I'm not one to re-heat greens. I have enough trouble eating them the first day, so the "oops" belongs to THIS guy:

Problem is, though I'm feeling much less morning sickness, a stench like that could send even pre-preggo Ashley off the deep end. My appetite was ruined. I almost lost my breakfast -- that I hadn't even eaten yet! So, I poured myself a bland bowl of Cheerios and sliced some strawberries over them. Which means no fun recipe for you!

Yeah. Today's a breather day. I want you all to inhale as you take in the beauty of this picture . . .

Inhale again.

This is where we'll be in just 15 days. And I can't wait. Unfortunately, though, today's post will have to wait until Stephen disinfects the microwave. Ick!

If you're interested, we posted 25 goals for 25, er, 23 weeks on (never home)maker, baby! today. We'd love to hear if we're on the right track, if we're forgetting anything, or if we're way too ambitious!

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