S'Mores Graham Bars and Summer Running

>> Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I told you the graham bars would work perfectly with s'mores, too! I was so confident in my assertion that I just went for it last night. And I'm glad I did.


Since we didn't have any vegan marshmallows around the house, we used regular. But anything you toast will work great. I pop my mallow onto a large fork, light a burner to low on the gas stovetop, and let it turn for about 3 to 4 minutes. Until toasty. Gooey.

For the chocolate, I melted Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips. Maybe 2 tablespoons of them. There are no real measurements for this type of deliciousness . . .

If you happened to have missed yesterday's graham bars recipe, go check it out now! It's definitely a keeper. I think next time, I'll leave out the cinnamon to keep them tasting more like "regular" grahams versus spiced-up ones.

***We got a couple email questions about the coconut flour. It isn't absolutely necessary. You can do half wheat and half bread flour. Keep the oat measurement the same.

This is the sight that greeted me this morning as I headed out at 6AM for my 6-mile run:

One way I can tell my morning sickness is getting better-ish? I can get up at 5:45 and be running by 6 without a demoralizing dry-heaving episode. If that isn't a milestone, I don't know WHAT is.


Wow. This photo is ridiculous. It's so hot today, all those layers make me laugh!

I've been making an effort this week to switch my workouts from afternoon/evening to mornings because the temps are creeping into the 90s. No matter how long I wait after work to head out, it's just too humid and warm. It's not safe for me. It's not safe for the baby. But in the morning? It's perfecto!

Here are some ways (this year), I've been getting my butt out of bed:
  • I set my alarm early. I set two, actually. One for 5:30 and one for 5:45. I need at least 15 minutes to wake up, eat, and get ready to head out. When the alarm at 5:30 goes off. I make an effort to open my eyes for 15 seconds. I do three sets. Sounds crazy, right? Well, if I don't force my eyes open, I'll snooze. When the 5:45 alarm goes off, I sit up in bed and wiggle my toes. Don't ask me why, but it helps.
  • I eat a snack. After sitting up, I head to the refrigerator to eat something. Being pregnant has made this step a necessity. But it's a good practice no matter who you are. I've been sticking to yogurt. I toss in some Cheerios. I munch and then guzzle a small glass of water. This all helps with the waking part and usually takes about 5 minutes.
  • I dress myself. I need to do a post on how we have our exercise clothes organized. Right now, we have those vertical hanging shelves in one of our closets. We've divided each shelf into categories likes: Tanks, tops, shorts, tights, socks, etc. Since I don't care if I match, I just grab a tank and shorts.
  • I keep moving. At no point during my process do I stop back in bed or sit down, really. Keeping the blood flowing keeps me alert and ready to move my legs. So, after dressing and a brief potty stop (again, a pregnancy essential, but good for all), I grab my shoes, slip 'em on, and walk to the end of our driveway.
  • I expect nothing amazing. At least for these first several weeks. It's difficult to switch up an exercise routine. Running in the morning is hard. It takes a bit more warming up. So, my first mile is slow. My first couple days on the run were short (between 3 to 4 miles). But that's OK. After a few days, I'm up to running 6 in the morning. I'd do more, but I don't have enough time with heading to work by 7:45.
  • I eat again. And drink a tall glass of water. Sometimes when I'm rushing around to get ready for work, it's difficult to find time to eat. But just because my stomach isn't awake doesn't mean I won't be hurting in an hour or so. Plus, it's unhealthy to skip breakfast any day! Hydration is important, too. The temps are deceiving in the morning -- it can even feel chilly out. But as long as I'm sweating, and I always am, I'll replenish those fluids.
We did another post on morning running a year or so back, so if you'd like even more tips, check out Early to Rise, Early to Run and all our other running-related posts.

Summer runners: How do you deal with the heat? I'd love to hear how you've switched to morning runs . . . or what else you've done to keep your cool. I also love how running in the morning means staying safe and out of the sun. I burn easily, so the less rays I soak in the better. Oh, yeah. And don't forget those hydration belts/packs!

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