Weekend Chores and the Blogging Pants Return!

>> Monday, June 6, 2011

We posted a recipe on SATURDAY. Can you believe it? I just couldn't wait. So, if you're normally not online over the weekend (we stay as far away from the computer as possible!), be sure to check out the Ring-O-Fire Garlic Knots. They'll change your life. Or just fill your tummy.

Weekend stuff was relaxed. Stephen went to a beer festival with his dad and brother in Philadelphia. I stayed behind and had a girly date with my friend Jesslynn. Food, art, walking around -- it was fantastic. Saturday was a bit of a relaxed blur. A 6-miler in the morning. Hanging out with my parents for most of the afternoon. Low, low key. Which is exactly what I needed.

When Stephen returned Sunday, we got to business: Do you remember our office?

That's where we plan to put the nursery. It's been a dumping ground for any baby stuff we're picked up so far (including a crib -- but we're not assembling that quite yet). It's still a mess, but we cleared out most non-baby stuff.

And we need to get Time Warner to come and move our internet connection. That's why you see a pile of computer equipment in the corner. Ick.

When Stephen was home this weekend, his mom sent him back with the rocking chair she had used with both him and his brother. We love how compact it is . . . and though we had first considered sanding/painting it, we may just keep it finished as-is.

Of course, now that I'm totally obsessed with a new hobby, I'll want to sew some cushions!

Where did our desk go? And my guitar/cello/violin? The computer chairs and other stuff? THE EXERCISE ROOM. Which will be our exercise room AND office from now on.

Hooray for small, cluttered spaces?

We had to custom cut the door-desk to make it fit the nook right as you enter the room. But we're loving it. Just need to clean everything up.

So that's what's going on while we make room for the baby. Today I'm 15 weeks -- we still have quite a while. I want to get a jump on things, though, so we'll have time for bigger projects I want to tackle. Like the kitchen.

Now, I must apologize to Faith. You see -- Healthy Ashley had sent me the Blogging Pants a couple months ago. Yeah. We're talking months at this point. We actually received them the day we decided to take our blogging break. I've been holding them hostage ever since.

I took me a while to think of what I'd like to write on them. The task of finding some "encouraging message, affirmation, sentiment of wisdom" seemed difficult with how I've been feeling (overwhelmed) lately.

I ended up writing: "Believe in Yourself. Inspire Others." But then I sort of highlighted so it would also say "Believe in Others. Inspire Yourself." I think it's a totally cyclical relationship of positivity!

So far, the pants have traveled to . . .

Hangry Pants
Run, Eat, Repeat!
Healthy Tipping Point
A to Pink
Then Heather Said
Healthy Ashley

And now, they are on their way to Julie of Savvy Eats! I chose Julie because I've met her in real life, and she's a very positive person. I think she'll have something great to write on them to inspire and motivate others.

What did you do this weekend? I'm excited for next because we're hanging out with some of our favorite friends. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. And, well, I'm a sucker for ANY time off these days. Bring on the week . . . but let's hurry up, weekend!

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