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>> Monday, June 13, 2011

We spent most of Friday night researching CSA programs in our area. It's all part of how we're looking to slash our grocery bill to around $50 per week versus $80 to $100!

  • The good news is that we found an awesome farm near where we live that delivers boxes of produce to a farmers market even CLOSER to where we live. The cost is great, too -- 20 weeks of fresh veggies and eggs for only $27 per week!
  • The bad news is that their CSA program slots are full for this season. So, we wrote them a kind email and have our fingers crossed that we can sign on for next year's fun!
We've also decided that instead of sticking to a rigid $50 per week, we'll give ourselves some flexibility and combine our entertainment and food budgets into one giant item. (That's a lie -- our entertainment budget is a mere $50 a week as well!) So, if we need to stock up and spend $100 one week at the store, we'll find free things to do over the weekends. Alternatively, if we don't use up our budget, we'll live like kings/queens and have some fun nights on the town. Incentive should help, right!

The best way to sum up Saturday? Best friends, babies, and boatloads of fun on playground equipment:

Sunday was pretty awesome as well. We indulged in some theater time and saw The Hangover, Part II. Maybe it's the mom-to-be in me, but I was somewhat overly shocked and even appauled to discover there were s.e.v.e.r.a.l families at that movie with kids under the age of 12. Next weekend, we're planning to take in Super 8. Wish we had an IMAX near us!

We then headed to the mall and I found some splurgetastic coral-colored sandals. What's great about this splurge is that it wasn't one at all. Normally these puppies were close to $50. On sale? $16.99! Thanks, GAP!

Yikes! You'd think with all the time I've been spending in the bathroom lately I'd have time to paint my toenails. I'll get there. Eventually.

Then we had an indoor picnic . . . and yes. Those are sweet potato tots.

I slathered my veggie burger with mashed avocado. We plan to spread the green stuff on pretty much everything this week in celebration. 16 weeks (pregnant) means our baby is the length of an avocado -- my favorite fruit!

What did YOU do this weekend? And did you think of any ways to save more at the grocery store? Some readers have already weighed in, and we're loving the ideas!

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