Zero Calorie Tazo Chai Giveaway

>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

***Giveaway Is Now Closed***

Congrats to lucky winner Andrea, who writes: "Lately I've been cooling down by running through the sprinkler with the kids. I would love to try some of this tazo chai tea."

Before we get to the review of Tazo's tasty tea, I have a confession. Well, I guess it isn't really a confession. It's more an apology. I feel like I unknowingly duped you all into thinking I made those sweet potato tots from scratch. I most certainly didn't. But I was SO excited to find them in our freezer section this weekend.

The evidence:

Though I didn't make them on my own, I feel this incident has inspired a challenge. I have some ideas on how they'll come together . . . and I'll be sure to share the results soon!


When Tazo contacted us to see if we'd like to review their newest flavor of Zero Calorie Iced Tea, we happily signed on. But as Stephen will tell you (he was the primary taste-tester this time around), he would have bought this stuff himself -- and plans to -- any day of the week.

Seriously. Get a room!

Naturally sweetened with the stevia plant, the drink is a healthy alternative to other beverages (think soda!). It's made from a rich and spicy blend of freshly brewed black tea, sweet cinnamon, ginger, star anise and fragrant cardamom -- all the stuff we love in the fall/winter -- summer-ized.

If you don't feel like taking Stephen word for it, you don't have to. You have a chance to win a few bottles of your very own chai, along with cute tumblers and a cool lunch tote (that actually keeps things cool!).

To help you picture it:

TO ENTER: Leave a comment with the words ICE ICE BABY somewhere in the mix.
IN ADDITION: Tell us about your favorite way to cool down in summer.
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, June 21st at 9:00PM EST
ALSO: To win, I need your email address -- so please provide it (or your blog link so I can find it -- just some way of contacting you) or, unfortunately, you cannot win.
PS: One entry per email address is allowed. The winner will be selected using Tara's Random Number Generator and announced Wednesday (6/22) morning.

Pssst: Yesterday on (never home)maker, baby! we posted a bit of a registry rant. How much stuff do you actually need to raise a child these days?! We'd love your help!

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