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>> Friday, July 8, 2011

I always say I need variety in seasons. And I especially love fall. But I could get used to this weather. Or, at least the number of light-outside hours each day -- which I think is around 15 or so. I love our sunlit backyard early in the morning . . .

While we were on our break, I took tons of photos I never got to share on the blog. And Ashley's gorgeous photos of Kyra reminded me of them. So, I thought I'd share them now. (Plus, allergies are clogging my brain = I have little energy to write today!)

There's Cara, who will be getting a little sister any day now!

There's Sammy, who has grown tremendously since these photos were taken:

I may have already shared this photo of Gavin. But he looks so sweet. I can't resist.

This one, too:

That was a nice visit. And it'll be fun to add a baby girl to the bunch!

Tessa has sprouted since her first birthday (first photo)! But even more since this time last year (second photo).

And her cousin Lucas (last year, this year) is turning into a little man. I'm sure he'll be even taller when we see him in a few weeks.

And we can't forget Jillian. She posed beautifully for me -- I love the flower in her hair!

All the kids had fun at Tessa's birthday party. Getting them to smile was tough, though.

Eventually, they came around.


Oh! In late May, we finally got to meet our old neighbors' baby boy Landyn! He traveled all the way from Texas.

Last, but not least, I even snapped a couple shots of my mom. I'm sure she'll be embarrassed. But I really like these photos.

I can't believe in 20 weeks or fewer we'll have photos of our own baby girl.

Did you know we picked out the name? We're not sharing it, but there's a lot going on as we prepare for her arrival. Check out the latest on (never home)maker, baby!

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