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>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wanted to post these photos last night, but pre-pregnant Ashley and pregnant Ashley are totally different travelers. The plan was to leave on Thursday afternoon to spend the night with my brother in Philly.

Packing usually goes a little something like this:

  • I start grabbing clothes and towels/etc. right before bed the night before we intend to leave.
  • I make a small hefty pile of stuff I need to wash the next morning (before work at 5AM).
  • I make a list of non-cloth items we need to bring and gather as much as possible.
Basically, I don't have the energy to pack this way anymore. So, at 10:30 PM on Wednesday, I called my brother to say we'd be skipping Philly and heading straight to Cape May on Friday morning. It worked out SO MUCH better!

We left town at around 6AM, stopping several times for food/etc. And when we got to NJ, Stephen hunted down a Wawa . . .

After 6 hours, we were there. It was hot. And we headed straight to the beach, only to find we needed to purchase tags (we've paid tons for parking before, but never to just set foot on sand) for $5/each per day. Yikes!

We ended up scoring a 3-day pass for $10 each . . . but still! Ugh!

To be honest, I didn't take many photos on this trip. Usually I take hundreds . . . but for whatever reason (intense relaxation), I took around 35 total.

Here are my favorite horizontals:

And verticals:

This one ISN'T a favorite . . . but I'm rocking my preggo bathing suit (well, the top is new from Target):

  • I found my new all-time favorite Italian restaurant. Panico's Bistro on Broadway, if you're ever in the area. I'm hoping to go back for my birthday on the 28th.
  • Stephen's favorite remains the same -- The Lobster House (Raw Bar), right as you enter town. It has the freshest market price stuff you can find down there.
  • We both ate pancakes for breakfast every single day at Uncle Bill's Pancake House. Stephen's choice: Potato. Mine? Peanut butter chocolate chip.
  • 4th of July fireworks on the beach are always best.
  • Tolls are expensive, and we spent nearly $40 on them going to/from our hotel.
  • Car trips while pregnant aren't fun. But frequent stops help.
  • Online hotel reviews are pretty reliable. We got one of the last reasonably priced rooms available in the area, but it was dirty (as many had warned) and we slept on towels the entire time.
  • Wearing a hat and sunglasses, slathering on SPF 60+, and staying underneath a beach umbrella is the only way to not get a burn. And it's glorious to come home without peeling skin for once.
So, yeah. We ate, Stephen drank, we ran, and we walked . . . a lot. We even bumped into a fellow blogger -- Amber from Busy, Bold, Blessed -- while scoping out new beach chairs at the grocery store! The temps were absolutely perfect -- in the 80s with little humidity (well, most days).

And the best part? We're headed back in 2.5 weeks (for our anual family trip to Wildwood Crest). The countdown begins now!

Stay tuned for part II of our trip recap, which will be on (never home)maker, baby! later today. And if you missed it, we posted our first big change to the nursery -- the chalkboard wall!

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