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>> Monday, August 1, 2011

Just wanted to pop on here to announce the winner of the Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Giveaway. #23 -- Suzanne -- who writes: "I get the MIGHTY munchies at night, so I'd drink this tea instead. Love ice coffee in the summer. But have green tea every morning."

And now . . . my 7 LINKS post. I've been tagged a few times now (I apologize because I lost track on by who during our vacation -- I know Lisa and Ashley tagged me), and have slowly been gathering my posts. Enjoy!

1.) My Most Beautiful Post:

Skinny Versus Healthy

Of the many posts I've written, I've received a lot of heartfelt comments and emails regarding this post. I think it's helpful to share our struggles and successes as we grow and learn more about life, health, and happiness.

Along these same lines, the Being Healthy Is All About Choices post speaks to these same sentiments.

2.) My Most Popular Post:

Frozen Banana Bites

People can't seem to get enough of this delicious frozen treat. We can't either. Frozen bananas taste like ice cream. Plain and simple. Slice 'em up, cover 'em in chocolate -- BAM. Perfection.

3.) My Most Controversial Post:

Becoming Un-Vegan

Oh, boy. At first, I thought this post was great. It spoke to a lot of people who don't like to label their diets. It has helped others who are just learning about vegetarianism and veganism as well. But then came the whole PETA issue.

So, that definitely added a bit of controversy. But I'm sticking by my feelings on the issue.

4.) My Most Helpful Post:

On Being a Self-Made Athlete

Just like the Skinny versus Healthy post, I've received a wonderful response to to-be athletes (and seasoned ones) who have shared a similar journey. Along these same lines, though, I think My First D(id) N(ot) F(inish) was also helpful. Not only to those who have experienced defeat in the marathon (or other races), but also for me.

In the DNF, Part II, I explain how much I learned from all your thoughts and comments on the topic. But we all know I had to make some Tough Decisions about my marathon plan when my injury got the best of me. Eventually ending in Acceptance . . . Sort Of.

5.) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

On Secret Recipes . . .

I was just surprised that on a post where I didn't provide a recipe, people had stuff to say. There have been other recipe posts I thought were GREAT that have had almost no comments or interest. Weird!

6.) A Post I Didn't Think Got the Attention It Deserved:

Running Advice From Your T.V.

Some people were amused by this post, but I thought it was hilarious AND helpful. Then again, my sense on humor isn't for everyone -- so no worries. But I still think it's a goodie!

Do we have any more TV-related fitness advice? Yup! Biggest Loser: 10 Things I've Learned.

7.) The Post I'm Most Proud Of:

Ode to My 17-Year-Old Self: The Mile

This is one of the only posts I've taken a long time to write. I had to think WAY back to that time in my life. To who I was as a person. And I think it's well written. Really, that's all. I'm proud of it!


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