Simple Vegetarian Recipes for Newbies

>> Thursday, August 25, 2011

We've received a couple emails/questions related to starting a vegetarian diet -- and just incorporating more meat-less meals in general. But what recipes are easy, satisfying, and not full of foreign ingredients? Well, we thought we'd pull together some of our favorite vegetarian recipes that are not only delicious, but also simple to make and teeming with good-for-you nutrients.

Here's a 3-day sampler of meat-free, energy-packed recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Alright. Breakfasts are perhaps the most adaptable. Most of what everyone eats for breakfast is usually vegetarian. But starting the day with the right mix of vitamins and minerals is important and usually requires, at least for us, a bigger, more filling meal than cereal and milk.

DAY 1: Simple Breakfast Burrito and Simple Strawberry Smoothie
DAY 2: Hearty Pecan-Chocolate Chip Micro Muffin and a Green Smoothie
DAY 3: Double-Dipped Vegan French Toast with sliced seasonal fruit


Lunches tend to require a bit of planning, especially if you work outside of the home. I find when I forget to pack a lunch, my options for a vegetarian meal aren't always bountiful -- leading to a less-than-stellar nutritional experience. But a little thought goes a long way.

DAY 1: Simple Hummus Melt
DAY 2: Mayo-Less Egg Salad
DAY 3: Rainbow Stew



We like to dinners made of thick soups, burgers, and other filling items. We have a ton of other dinner recipe ideas on our recipe page, which we admit needs to be updated, so feel free to check it out. It was hard picking just a few meals to share!

DAY 1: Cheap and Simple Chili
DAY 2: Pumpkin Garlic Knots or Garbanzo Garlic Knots and a HUGE serving of crispy kale or steamed collards
DAY 3: Black Bean Burgers

There are so many great foods to choose from, though. So, we'd love your help! Food bloggers (and others) out there: What is your favorite, newbie-friendly vegetarian recipe? Feel free to share it in the comments section below . . .

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