Refinishing Our Salvo Table

>> Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As I wrote in our baby update last night, this week is our big week for baby classes. They meet half an hour after I get home from work until nearly 9PM. And now that I require nearly 10 hours a night of sleep to feel normal . . . there's been little time for blogging or much else.

On weekends, we've still been working on our first floor makeover project. We're always on a tight budget, so when we found this cool side table/magazine holder at the Salvation Army for $3.99, we knew exactly what to do.

It was pretty chewed up, by the way.

Otherwise, solid. Nothing a few cheap supplies and (semi-)hard work couldn't fix.

After giving the entire piece a good sanding with some medium-grade sandpaper, I filled in all the cracks, scratches, and chew marks with wood filler, smoothing over with a palate knife from time to time. My work wasn't incredibly precise because I'd have to sand it smooth again anyway.

More sanding . . .

But really, that's the hard part. Once it's all roughed up, filled in, and sanded smooth, a good quality spray paint is all you need to make it look like new. We chose a vibrant plum color for some fun against our newly dark grey walls.

Note: Preggos and others should consider wearing a mask.

In no time at all, it started looking great. But we applied only a thin layer to the entire thing -- using swift, quick sprays versus keeping our finger on the trigger the entire time -- then left it alone to avoid drips. After a couple hours of drying/more coats, it was covered uniformly.

Total cost of the project with supplies (many of which we already had hanging around our basement), paint, and all came in around $10. And you can follow this exact same simple method to rehab most thrifted furniture finds.

Grace emailed us and asked if we could have a before and in-progress shot of how our first floor is looking. I love how much more dramatic the changes seem when you place these pics next to each other!

Back in 2008:

After exposing the wood floors:



So far in 2011:

It's coming along nicely. We appreciated your curtain suggestions, but still haven't settled on anything. We're also in need of some more colorful pillows (which I plan to make myself). Just wish we had more time to work on it!

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