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>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seriously? Are we searching for content or what! Well, by far, the most popular page on (never home)maker is our Frozen Banana Bites recipe. Understandably so. It's one of the quickest, tastiest, and healthiest desserts we've ever whipped up.

We've received a lot of comments and questions about these ice cream-like treats, so we thought we'd post to answer the most frequently asked:

Did you find that the bananas turned brown in the freezer?

For us, they don't. I think in part it's because they never, ever last long. But April commented: "I freeze peeled whole bananas in a Rubbermaid container and use them to make ice cream like smoothies and they don't turn brown unless I leave them for many months. I think they would turn brown if they were mushed up because it's like bruising them."

If I don't have vegan chocolate chips, what kind do you recommend to use for this recipe?

Any kind will do. Some readers said they used milk chocolate and they turned out just fine. I've also made them with semi-sweet and bittersweet. I've used other nut butters, too. Almond butter is particularly great with dark chocolate. Some readers said they used soy nut butter. I imagine sunflower butter would also be a great substitute.

I'm not a big coconut fan. Any other suggestions to put on them? Or are they OK by themselves?

They aren't OK without coconut. They are AMAZING. I've also chopped up dry-roasted peanuts and rolled them, chocolate sprinkles, and even crumbled Reece's Peanut Butter cups. Go crazy!

What is a good way to dip the pieces of banana into the chocolate and have them come out "pretty?" Mine were kind of a hot (delicious) mess.

Hahah. I love it. Mine are never terribly pretty. But since posting this recipe, I came across a similar one on Bon Appetit. They have some good instructions -- and their bites are gorgeous!

I wonder how could I make this recipe Weight Watcher Approved?

I'm not up on Weight Watchers rules, but I'm tossing this one out to the crowd to see if we can get a response. I imagine there's got to be a way to make it work.

How long will the banana's last in the freezer?

Again, they never last a long time in our house because we eat them quickly. But I could see them being good for at least a week or 2. Longer they might get too hard or brown. But, again, I'm not sure.

These are gross! The bananas freeze like stone and you end up breaking your teeth on them. If you defrost them, then the bananas go soggy and are yuck!

I've actually never had either of these scenarios happen with this recipe. So, I'm sorry you experienced this problem! And I'm not in the habit of posting recipes that don't work. Anyone else have this experience?

Want another way to enjoy frozen bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter?

Try the Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream! We got the idea for banana ice cream from The Kitchn and went with it. This tasty recipe utilizes all the same ingredients, but in a different way. And, as mentioned above, you can substitute in your favorite chocolates and nut butters or substitutes.

If you guys have any other questions about these sweet treats, just let us know! And if you follow (never home)maker, baby! -- you can head over there now to read Ada's 3 month update.

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