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>> Friday, February 10, 2012

It's so helpful to read all of your experiences coming back to running after injuries, pregnancies, and other breaks. I think part of my trouble is that I'm in a m.a.j.o.r motivation slump with my training.

For a long time, I was able to feel excited about runs because I was pregnant and keeping fit. Each time I could get a couple miles in was fulfilling, and I knew each run could have been my last before baby.

After pregnancy, I felt motivated to get back into shape after delivery. Each run was sort of like "Hell YES I just ran and had a baby X number of weeks ago!" I'd be tired, but still bundle up to go out in the freezing cold and end up feeling fantastic.

Now that it's been 12 weeks since Ada was born (check out that GIANT baby!), the novelty of being a bad-ass postpartum runner has worn off. I am finding it difficult to rush out the door. And not just mentally. The lack of motivation is sucking my energy, too.

I figure part of it is because I had made a training schedule that ended up being too conservative. So, I've been winging it for well over a month. Ada is playing more during the days (which I love) -- so by the time Stephen gets home from work, I'm drained. And trying to schedule workouts with a baby is much harder than Stephen and I had anticipated.

As I think and read through everything I've written, I can pinpoint some methods that might help.

#1: I need to follow a training plan. Like print it out, stick it on the refrigerator, and cross off my completed runs. I also need to start writing down my workouts or tracking them in my Daily Mile.

I now have 12 weeks to train for the half marathon coming up in May. That time period is perfect for Hal Higdon's Intermediate Training Plan.

#2: I need to keep my energy up during the day so I'm not too spent when it's my turn to run. I definitely think a large part of this is dietary. I'm still finding my way with what and how much I should and shouldn't be eating while breastfeeding. I go through periods where I'm eating healthy foods in reasonable portion sizes. Then other times when I'll snack on Goldfish crackers all day and realize that's what I ate for lunch.

Now that Ada has consistently been sleeping well, I may even need to consider trying to run in the mornings before the tiring day begins. I was stuck in a mode where I was trying to get as much shut-eye as possible, but I realize I've been banking 9 or 10 hours of sleep a night. Even taking one hour off this total would give me an hour to run AND still have enough sleep.

#3: Stephen and I need to work together so we get fair training time. A couple days ago, we sketched out a plan of who runs when because Stephen was obviously getting the better time slots and never missing workouts. On the other hand, I had missed three of my runs for various reasons.

It was at that point I also realized that unless I get my time to run, I don't get any alone time. Any break! So, training is important to my mental sanity as much as it is for my physical wellness.

Eventually I always find my motivation again. But until that happens, I know training will be difficult. If you have any tips that might help, please share them with me!

And if you'd like to read Ada's 11 week update, head over to (never home)maker, baby. The lack of posts this week is due to setting up the new blog. I am getting closer and closer, so regular posting will resume soon.

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