Superbowl Party Eats

>> Friday, February 3, 2012

The Superbowl should be an interesting event this weekend. We're not partying anywhere this year -- just hanging out with Ada in our living room. Stephen's a huge Giants fan, though, and I have absolutely no allegiances. However, according to Stephen I SHOULD cheer on the Giants since I live in NY state. I also SHOULD because it's his family's team. They get pretty heated about games throughout the season, I'm told.

For this reason, I'm rooting for the Patriots. It gets under his skin in this hilarious way. In reality, he and I both know I don't care much at all. I watch the ads, surf the internet, and drink lots of beer eat lots of bread and cheese. (This year I'll probably stick to one drink with the breastfeeding and all.)

Here are some of our best recipes to help you pig out on Sunday whether or not you enjoy football. Any excuse to eat gluttonous foods is a good one in my book.


Fried tofu slathered in your favorite hot sauce. We used to order a huge plate at this great place on State St. in our college town, Ithaca, NY. When we learned to make our own Tofu Wings, it quickly became a party go-to.


Super-filling and good-for-you, these Sloppy Joes are a general crowd pleaser for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They are also quick to throw together if you're like us and find yourselves throwing dirty laundry into closets before guests arrive for the party.


Melted cheese. Bread. The combination is irresistible. We don't just have one recipe for this favorite. Try take 1 and take 2 varieties. And get creative. Any beer-cheese mixture that sticks to the basic ratios should work out just fine.


Would you think we're crazy if we told you we eat this sandwich -- THE LOVER -- weekly? When you break it down, the different components aren't that insane. Together -- watch out. Inspired by Man versus Food, you might find yourselves as hooked on this sammy as we are.


In reality, any of our pizza or garlic knot recipes would be great for the weekend's festivities. Grilled pizza -- especially -- has always been a favorite at our parties. But this Deep Dish stands out because it's extra-filling. Customizable, too.

That's lots of food. I suppose, then, it's no wonder that I'm whining about my nonexistent weight-loss at 11 weeks postpartum on (never home)maker, baby! Oh, well. I'll do lots of squats with Ada during the half-time show.

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