Day 4

>> Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm still working my way through all of your amazing and supportive comments on my sugar addiction post. When I wrote it, we were getting ready to leave for a day trip to Ithaca. So, imagine my surprise when I returned home to find that so many of you could entirely relate.

But first, a couple cute photos from the weekend. Ada met her cousin (well -- MY cousin's gorgeous baby). Adorable.

Anyway, I'm on day 4 of a sugar-free experiment. Like many of you suggested, I decided it would be good to take a break from sugar for a while. To reset my system. My tolerance level that is so utterly out of whack . . . where not just one or two, but an entire batch of cookies is what is satisfying. Days 1 and 2 were actually quite easy. I had some motivation from all your comments and from this quest being so new.

Then day 3 (and my longest run since this time last year) happened. I suppose I should have called it, but running distance without the normal levels of sugar in my system was a shock. I felt tired. I felt like I was wearing weights around my waist.

I was a good 30 seconds slower than my usual per-mile pace. But if you look below, you'll see something interesting. I felt wiped. So, I looped around to our house at mile 9 and decided to take some Honey Stingers.

Look at how just a bit of extra sugars changed my pace! I need to get better at fueling myself again. I'll re-learn, I'm sure. I just feel like my body was still in a bit of, again, shock after so drastically changing my eating habits.

After the run, I filled my tummy with all sorts of delicious things. But no cupcakes, cookies, or other refined treats. I usually gorge myself after long runs. I figure I deserve it. Not this week! (I did end up baking a cocoa snack bar -- sans sugar with only 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in the entire thing. I'm still tweaking the recipe, but I'll be sure to share it soon. It was satisfying, but didn't invoke any of the binging habits I tend to get with other dessert-y treats.)

Day 4 has been the hardest day yet. I was home alone with Ada most of the day. Being home is one obstacle. I have all the food in our house at my disposal. Add to it the stress and emotions that go along with dealing with a cranky baby with no other adults in the house. It's . . . well . . . just difficult. But I've stayed strong. Drank water. Ate veggies. Fruit. Anything but what I really, really wanted to sink my sweet teeth into.

I don't know how long I'm going off sugar. A week? A month? Those were the most common suggestions. I'm going to start with a week and see how I feel. I think I'm going through some of the worst of the cravings and feelings right now. I remember when I used to occasionally detox in college, it always seemed like there was this hump I had to go over. Maybe I've hit it? We'll see, I guess.

In the meantime, I'm trying to find a way to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Fruit has been helpful, of course. And tonight's smoothie really hit the spot. It was basically this one, taken from an old post, minus the maple syrup . . . adding a tablespoon of natural, unsweetened peanut butter.

I'm hoping to continue making my way through all your comments soon. They are so thoughtful, so I'm trying to respond to each one. Thanks so much for your continued support. I'd like to write a more comprehensive, detailed post about this whole detox -- what I'm doing, how I'm feeling -- soon . . . but my head is MORE THAN fuzzy tonight because I'm in the height of when I'm usually flooding my system with the sweet stuff.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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