Postpartum Fitness Challenge: Month 2

>> Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm falling a bit behind with a postpartum fitness updates. It's been just over 20 weeks since I gave birth to Ada. The best part is that I didn't imagine I'd be in good shape this soon. I'm back to running 5 days a week. My speed is returning slowly but surely . . . and I'm on my way to racing (well, we'll see) my first post-baby half next month.

In my last update, I gave you all the starting numbers. I thought about updating each of these categories each month. But I realize my measurements won't necessarily change dramatically. So, I'd like to refresh those stats perhaps next month or even the month after.

I don't feel like I look much different.


But my weight loss has finally started. I lost 4 pounds, going from 135.6 to 131.5. I credit occasional twice-daily workouts, the nicer weather -- which leads to more general activity, and eating less nut butter. Seriously! I was addicted to the stuff all winter.

These days, I'm snacking on smoothies and cheese with carrots, etc. I think the biggest physical change is that my stomach is getting flatter, less puffy. It still sticks out quite a bit compared to before pregnancy. Otherwise, my clothes -- jeans, specifically -- are fitting much better. Still not like they used to, but I can slip on a few more pairs this month than I could last.

More exciting than my physical changes: Here's how big the babe got since early March. Incredible. She's up to 14 pounds at least.


I tried running my timed mile last night and failed miserably because the wind was blowing against me. Stephen told me -- regardless -- I need to do a proper mile on a track, so I'll be sure to do that soon (early next week) and post about it. I did time a few miles I ran with the jogging stroller today, the fastest of which was in 7:45!

Here are last month's stats. And here are this month's:

Pushups: 45 (up from 35)
Situps: 30 (up from 28 -- not much change)
Pullups: 1 (up from 0, though I had been doing 2 and then got lazy about them!)
Mile time prediction: I'm thinking on a track I could run a mile in 7:15 or less. We'll see how generous I'm being soon enough.

  • I have a long way to go with my eating habits. I'm trying desperately to eat less sugar. But I tend to grab cookies instead of veggies when I'm in a rush, which feels like it's all the time. I can easily prepare grab-and-go fridge foods, I just need to take the time: Goal: Bake only once a week and make those treats last.
  • The farthest I've ran in preparation for my half marathon in May is around 11 miles. I'd like to run 13 once before the race. Goal: Keep up with the long runs. They are o hard to get in these days.
  • When I read that Kristen ran 10 miles with her little one in the jogger, my jaw dropped. I'm still struggling to complete 3 without feeling exhausted. So, I told Stephen about it. He looked at our stroller and said: Uhm. Have you ever looked at these tires? They're hardly blown up. OOPS. He inflated them to acceptable levels and it has CHANGED MY WORLD. Goal: Run 5 or 6 miles with the jogger by the month's end.
  • I had a half marathon time goal to finish under 1:50. But now I've changed my tune. I really don't expect to finish in any particular time. I just want to run and feel great. What's cool is that the course basically goes past our house this year. I'm hoping the weather is nice so I can steal a kiss from Miss Ada along my path. If that take a few minutes off my time, so be it!
Another goal: Get a haircut . . .

My hair has never been this long, and it's getting in the way. I have a few ideas that I pinned on Pinterest. But nothing is decided yet. I tend to go through phases where I want to cut all my hair off. I mean ALL of it. I'm trying my best to resist doing something I'll regret.

Alright. That's it for now. I'll post about my mile next week. And if you're following Writing Chapter Three, you can read Part 1 of the Zero-Intervention Hospital Birth series. We're excited about it! And if you want to contribute, be sure to check it out.

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