Pushing Beyond the 5K Mark

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At the beginning of the month, I set a new goal with my running. Not to get faster. Not to run more days each week. Not to PR at any races anytime soon. Nope. My goal is to run a 10K with the jogging stroller. Any pace. And today I got close!

But before we get to that. I have a short story from the weekend. I headed out running Friday morning. Finished two miles and decided to stop home for some water because I was super dehydrated. On the way. I tripped on my own foot and did a nose-dive into the pavement.


It's the second fall I've had this month. The first wasn't my fault. Still. I need to be more careful. I also think my shoes are to blame. I've been wearing them exclusively for a year.

The bottoms are wearing thin. And I've even poked a toe-hole.

I'll definitely be buying Frees again, though I don't think I'll be able to find the same model I've been running in for the past several years. They're a bit out of date by now. Anyone run in the current Frees (Run + edition, I realize there are many kinds) and know if there's much of a difference?

Back to my goal. Today was a gorgeous, sunny day. Stephen had dibs on running after work, which meant I'd have to somehow sneak in my 5-miler between two breastfeeding sessions, making dinner, and Ada's nightly naked time. (It's my favorite part of the day. She wiggles around -- sans cloth diaper -- just chatting away.)

Mid-afternoon, I decided to give it a go with my favorite running buddy.

The first three miles went great. After all, I've been through my 5K jogging stroller plan and comfortable with it for over a month now. But on the way back to the house, I couldn't help but sing Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" over and over to myself. Pushing a stroller against the extra resistance is SO HARD.

Thankfully, Ada was bundled appropriately for a warm, but windy day. I got a few questions about how I dress Ada for jogging stroller time. The answer: As I would dress myself if I wasn't running -- plus a blanket for cold weather. Or a lightweight blanket now that it's spring.

Unfortunately, I can never keep socks on the girl. I found multiple pairs stowed underneath that I had forgotten about.

I took a quick quarter-mile walk-break. No shame in it. And it was just what I needed to complete another 2.5 miles. Not quite a 10K, but I'm less than a mile away from comfortably running that distance with the jogger.

Maybe I'll have to do more weekly workouts with Ada. Maybe.

We got home just as Stephen was returning from his speed workout. Today he did 3x2400 meters at 10K pace (5:23), jogging 800 meters recovery between each. He's going to kill the competition at the half marathon next month.

Another reader question I got after our first jogging stroller post was about how I keep Ada's toys from falling out of the BOB. The answer is quite simple: LINKS. We have a ton of 'em to spare, so I keep several attached to the canopy frame at all times so I can easily snap stuff on there.

It feels good to be able to run farther with the jogger. Ever since I pumped up the tires more, it hasn't been quite as painful to push around. And forget running . . . walking with it is like my favorite thing to do. I usually plop Ada in it and take an hour-long walk for her second nap of the day.

What goals have you worked toward lately?

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