Family Track Workout

>> Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remember our Family 4-miler? Well, we've been doing a lot of jogging stroller running lately, but not together. So, this afternoon we decided to change that.

We packed up the stroller and some diapers and headed here:

It was Ada's first time at a track. And I'm hoping it won't be her last. With us. And by herself someday.


#: 1 mile warmup together with jogging stroller (8:10 pace)
#: Ashley: 6 x 400 at mile pace (7:00, so 1:45) with 400 meter recovery (with stroller)
#: Stephen: 6 x 800 at mile pace (4:46, so 2:23) with 400 meter recovery (with stroller)
#: 1 mile cool down together with stroller (8:30 pace)

I did my repeats while Stephen jogged his recovery with Ada. Then vice versa. Stephen chose 800s because he was completing them in around 2:23, which came in just a tick or so after my 400 meter recovery time. And my 400 pace was close to his 800 meter pace. It worked almost perfectly.

Ada was a trooper and fell asleep soon after our warmup mile.

At first I thought I'd like to have the front wheel of the BOB unlocked for going around the turns. But it was all over the place. Actually, keeping it locked was much, much better. To be kind to other runners, we kept the stroller on the outer lanes while we jogged and did our speed in the inner lanes.


If you'd like to do this same workout with your significant other or even a friend, it's easy.

  • If you run similar paces, all you need to do is your lap, then grab the stroller from your partner for recovery.
  • If you run wildly different paces like we do, consider running different distances for the repeats (like we did).
  • It wasn't absolutely in synch, but I'd say with each repeat, we only had 20 or 30 seconds of lag time -- MAX.
We're already planning to do this speed session again next week. Good excuse for me to work toward my pace goals.

How do you find creative ways to get key workouts in? We definitely feel pulled in all directions now that we're parents, but we're making training a priority and having fun with it.

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