Postpartum Fitness Challenge: Month 3

>> Friday, May 4, 2012

I guess you could say I slacked this month on my fitness challenge (check out month 1 and month 2). Yet in other ways, I did a lot. Our half marathon is on Sunday, so the main focus the past several weeks has been on getting my long run distance up. I struggled with it -- A LOT -- mostly with finding motivation to run for nearly 2 hours when I could be eating a fantastic brunch and hanging out with Stephen and Ada.

My most recent long run was a practice half. Not with regard to speed, though. Just with not stopping home for supplies/etc.

The wind was absolutely wicked that day. Stephen said it slowed him down a good bit, too. I think I would have had more consistent mile paces between 8:50 and 9:00 otherwise. Even if not, I could bomb this weekend's half terribly and still know I could complete one in under 2 hours, which is my goal. Another goal: No stops at Porta-Johns along the way.

Last year, below, I stopped at almost all of them!

Here are last month's stats. And here's this month's:

Pushups: 45 (no change, but I didn't really push myself past this mark)
Chinups: Still 1 (same as above, I just didn't focus on upper-body this month)
Situps: 33 (up from 30 last month! w00t!)
Mile Time: ??? (Waiting on this one until after this weekend's half marathon)

My goals for the coming month with running revolve around speedwork. I've always done some sort of (very, very, very) loose speedwork, but noting in the recent past that actually challenged me to the point of improving dramatically. I did my first-time-in-a-long-time formal speedwork session last Tuesday -- eight 400s, two miles total, at 6:48 (mile) pace with 2 min rest between each repeat. Kicked my BUTT. But I know if I stick with them, I could get closer to my old race times, which would be great!

I also haven't gotten in any double workouts lately. This one has decided she HATES the BOB. Or being in strollers, in general.

Otherwise, a big focus -- as you already know -- has been on my diet. After Easter, my sugar consumption got farther out of control than it already was. As a result, I only lost one pound this month. Nothing like last month's 4 pounds. But there is encouraging news to this part! At Christmas, we had invested in a fancy digital scale. Before that, I had always weighed myself on an old-school one that was consistent, but needed to be calibrated each time. So, I pulled out that old one again this week. And I found that I'm really only 3 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, not the 6 or so I thought I was.

This puts me at 130 on the digital scale and 127 on the old one. (No photos this month -- there isn't any change.) I don't really care what the a.c.t.u.a.l number is, but to know I'm closer than I thought to my pre-pregnancy weight, which will be 127 on our new scale, has me thrilled. I definitely think by 9 months postpartum, I'll be back -- and that's what my midwife told me is a healthy rate at which to lose the weight.

Overall, I am feeling good about my activity level. I'm excited to start training seriously again after this weekend's half marathon. The sugar stuff is coming along slowly, and I still have a lot of trouble entirely eliminating it from my diet. I'll write more on that another time.

Here's to a great half marathon this weekend! What are you up to? Any races or other adventures planned?

And if you follow Writing Chapter Three, you can check out yesterday's video post full of questions and answers from our readers.

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