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>> Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I get bored with my running routes. Often. I have several 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mile loops and out-and-back courses I cycle through each month. I string some of these routes together for long runs, too. Most of my miles are logged on "city" streets (we live in a residential neighborhood in a very small-ish city).

Blocks and blocks of houses.
A couple city parks.
The occasional bridge.

It works just fine. But I'd rather be running here . . .

Where I grew up, I could run a 4 mile loop around town and hit the hospital where I was born; the church where I was baptized; my first house; my elementary, middle, and high schools; the house where I grew up; the town library; my favorite bagel shop; and the town park (where Stephen and I married). My life childhood tour, if you will.

And if I ran 2 miles out of town, I'd be here:

Or maybe here:

And a quick drive out of town a little farther would bring me here:

Yes. HERE! (Do you see the path at the bottom of the canyon beside the creek?)

I miss it. That's for sure. I rarely got bored with all the gorgeousness around me. End of flashback. Facing reality. I've been thinking a lot about how to jazz up my current routine. I may not be able to run exactly where I'd like to every single day, but I could make my runs more fun by taking some roads less traveled.

I have some ideas for how to freshen up my usual routes:

#1: Run backwards. Well, the routes, that is. Sometimes all I need is a new perspective. Plus, I know I run some of my loops the "easier" way . . . flipping would give me some challenges.

#2: Learn from what others are running. I haven't used it much, but I did take some time a few years ago to look at what other people are running in my area on I should revisit that site.

#3: Hit some parks. Any maybe trails. There are definitely a few good paved areas around here where I could go and not have to worry about traffic. And I've always been interested to run some of the not-so paved paths as well.

#4: Get in the group groove. I absolutely must do more group runs. I joined some women from our runners club last week and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm going with them again tomorrow . . . and hopefully to a big group long run this weekend.

#5: Go crazy. I think I read this tip in Runner's World a few years ago -- but something about making the route a game. Turning right on every second side street. Or going up and down parallel streets. Something fun like that.

What do you do when you get bored of your routine? I'm sure it happens to most everyone.

Psssst: Check out our little swimmer today on Writing Chapter Three. Our Memorial Day weekend was great and HOT, but definitely went quickly.

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