National Running Day

>> Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Running Day!

Stephen is out for a jaunt with some of our runners club friends as I type this post. I, on the other hand, had other plans for how I wanted to celebrate. I woke up early, suited Ada up, and drove to our local rail trail. I was going to run seven stroller miles, pushing a mile past my farthest distance with her at one time.

The weather was gorgeous: mid-50s and sunny. The path, straight and smooth. Ready, set, go. I got a quarter mile or more into it and she started crying. It's typical, so I kept on another tenth of a mile or so.

SCREAMING. I stopped to see what was the matter. Nothing? So, I put her back in the stroller.

SCREAMING. More SCREAMING. So, I jogged back to the car as quickly as I could, trying my best to avoid the stares of strangers who were probably judging me for making my baby come along for the ride when she obviously found the activity akin to being burned at the stake or something equally horrifying.

She settled down for the rest of the day -- her hatred for the BOB, at least while I'm driving, is still a complete mystery. Stephen took her for 8 to 10-milers almost every day last week without so much as a peep. But I guess I'm happy I got out on my own this afternoon.

I completed speedy run through the neighborhood that completely helped de-stress me.

7:20 is my 5K race pace goal for this summer. If I could maintain it, I'd be close to my old PR -- a time I haven't chased in years. So, we'll see. I have my sights on a race coming up in late July that's a women's distance festival. That way I could have the chance to be the star runner for the day, not Stephen. Hah!

I already told you guys about the reasons why I run. Many of you shared your own, too! I think it's incredible that a single, simple sport can be so meaningful, helpful, and positive for so many people.

I know I always pull it out, but here's me at my first race ever. Socks, big cushioned shoes, and all!

And now? Stronger, wiser, and with a bit more on my plate.

Tomorrow's post will focus on 10 things that have changed since I started running. 10 years means lots of tweaks and modifications. That's for sure.

What has changed as you've grown as a runner (or cyclist, swimmer, yogi, etc.)? Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

And today on Writing Chapter Three, I'm focusing on marriage and how it has changed (more change!) as two has become three. It's not exactly champagne and roses, but we're managing.

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