Why Do You Run?

>> Sunday, June 3, 2012

I've asked myself this basic question several times since I began running back in 2002. Ten years of pounding pavement and I've come so far! From being able to only huff and puff down the block to running half marathons again post pregnancy.

I can't believe the evolution of myself and my training that has taken place during this last decade.

  • I began running because I wanted to heal. To see my body as more than just something to look at.
  • When I got the hang of it during college, I used running to get fitter. Faster. Stronger. To train longer and harder and start racing. 
  • There have even been times, like around our wedding, when I've used running to lose weight. Weight I didn't necessarily need to lose . . . so I needed to take a step back and evaluate. 
  • And there were certainly times when I have used running to push myself past my comfort zone. To show myself what I'm capable of with enough mental and physical discipline and drive. To test the limits of distance with marathons and accomplish personal records. 
  • When I was pregnant, I slowed down. I used running to keep myself balanced. To keep myself and my baby healthy the best way I knew how. 
It seems lately that running has benefited my mental sanity more than anything else. I may not be training as hard as ever, but the runs are much more meaningful. They help me process all the change in my life.

What will the next decade in my running bring? Well, I'm not sure yet. And that's part of the fun. It seems that with every twist and turn my life takes, running is there to excite me, challenge me, or help me. Bring it on!


#1: To bring my race times back to where they were before I had Ada. And even to improve on them.
#2: To consistently run long once a week and actually find joy in it. (Right now it feels more like a chore, but I think it's because my mental capacity to run long atrophied during pregnancy.) 
#3: To keep a training log. I used to use Daily Mile everyday. I've been slacking.
#4: To consistently run a speed workout once a week.
#5: To all-out race a 5K and 10K. Which might mean giving up on distance for a while. (We'll see.)


#1: To keep running this entire next decade (and beyond, of course).
#2: Run a sub 4-hour marathon. Ideally 3:50 or faster.
#3: Run a 1:35 half marathon. I think it will still be my race of choice for years to come.
#4: To run a 5K race with Ada in a stroller AND eventually when she's ready to with her own two feet.
#5: To continue running with friends, developing life-long relationships, and finding happiness in the social aspect of the sport.

Why do you run? And how has your running evolved over time?

You can view an updated house tour today on Writing Chapter Three. Oh yeah, and you can also learn why we've had like zero sleep for the entire weekend. Here's hoping tonight will be better!

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