Review: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have to admit, before having Ada, I hadn't really changed a diaper. OK. There was this one time I offered to help when my friend Lindsey had her son over to my house. I was pregnant and had severe morning (all day) sickness. I took his diaper off. Saw it was a number two. And I almost threw up.

So, I guess you can say my experience with diapers was extremely minimal before Ada.

By now, I'm a pro at not only diapering, but also keeping our cloth diapers clean and fresh. It's like a part-time job! And one benefit of using cloth diapers is that Ada hasn't battled too much diaper rash in her 7 months. Actually, she hadn't had even a spot of redness until relatively recently. I got cocky and thought that all our efforts with cloth made us, and Ada's butt, invincible.

Not the case.

Within the past couple months, we cut out her 2AM/3AM night feeding, and she -- obviously -- starting sitting in her wet diapers longer. We usually do a dream-feed and quickly change her at 11PM. She then sleeps until 7:30AM or so. As you can imagine, it didn't take long. After a couple weeks of this new routine, we started seeing a slight rash, which eventually turned into a raging one, and noticed that Ada wasn't nearly as happy and comfortable as she used to be during diaper change time.

At my baby shower, we got a bucket full of all sorts of baby washes, lotions, and creams for a variety of situations. Included were several small sample packets of this stuff called Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I always laugh at that name. Say it out loud: Butt Paste. Concise. To the point. No question about what it's for. That was really all the exposure I had to the product up to this point.

This month, I was given the opportunity to try it out to review -- excellent timing, right? The universe works in mysterious ways.

Honestly time: I don't have much any experience with other diaper creams. So, I don't know specifically how this one stacks up against the competition. What I can tell you is that Ada's rear has been in rare form -- quite literally rare, that is. We slapped on a bit of this butt cream, and within the next day, she's happy and healthy again. It sounds too good to be true, but it does work fast.

I dug deeply into my beloved baby shower bucket and found some of the Boudreaux Rash Protector, which is to use between flare-ups. I haven't had to use much cream since then. We put it on her bum before bedtime, and she's protected all night long. I'd highly recommend the preventative care.

Also: I was told that while using cloth diapers you should always use a liner if you plan to use diaper creams and other lotions. I haven't used liners and don't see any ill-effects or signs of wear and tear. Maybe I'm just lucky. I'd love to know your own experiences with this, since I'm still new to the game.

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