Tuesday Quick Tips

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#1: Want a tasty, filling breakfast? Eat cottage cheese!

I am obsessed lately with fruit (in this case: nectarines and blackberries) and my favorite 1% small curds. A nice change from Greek yogurt and green smoothies. A piece of whole grain toast or two goes great, too.

#2: Too hot to run? It has been here . . .

Rather than skip my workout, I did this awesome and super challenging (for me, at least!) Squat Challenge followed by a mile jog. Then I returned home, drank a glass of water and sprayed myself with our hose.

I did another mile jog. Drank water, got the hose again (Silence of the Lambs?!). Then did another round of the Squat Challenge. Seriously, those squats had me in tears the second time around. Overall, half an hour well spent!

#3: Need a snack? Make kale chips!

We've already talked about all the health benefits of kale. If you missed how to make the chips, it takes a mere 10 minutes -- instructions are in this post. This afternoon we mixed our kale with some napa. Made 'em extra "cheesy" with a hefty dose of nutritional yeast.

#4: Need a laugh? Put your cat in a t-shirt!

OK. This "tip" is quite ridiculous and not a tip at all. Instead, it's an excuse for me to share that I bought what I thought was an infant t-shirt at the Salvation Army yesterday. I discovered after washing it that it was -- indeed -- a cat/dog t-shirt. With a cupcake on it. Seriously.

#5: Want to achieve something? Stop whining and start doing something about it!

This tip is sort of written specifically for me. I want to start strength training (again). I've been complaining about my loss of definition in my arms/back since pregnancy. I took a long, hard look around and realized it's been 8 months since I had Ada. There are no excuses. If I want to achieve my fitness goals, I need to start doing something.

So, after a long break from push-ups, hand weights, and discipline -- like you see with the 2010-me, above -- I'm going to start working toward my goal.

Have any quick tips to share with us? Anything fun you've learned lately to help with fitness, make for snacks, etc.? We'd love to hear 'em! Just leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

Today on Writing Chapter Three we're celebrating Ada's 8-month birthday. Check this post for an update on what she's eating, how she's sleeping, and how she's moving around these days.

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