Beet + Goat Cheese + Avocado = Salad

>> Monday, August 13, 2012

We roasted more beets over the weekend. This time, a double batch filled two of our cast-iron dishes. I definitely prefer this method to using foil. An no matter how many times I follow it, I still marvel at the magenta hues they leave behind on my fingertips and in the sink.

Instead of toiling over a chutney, we decided to make a simple beet "salad." Roast, skin, slice, and eat. Beets alone? Doesn't sound like much of a salad at all. So, we rolled a log of goat cheese in some dill.

Added a generous helping of 5-minute naan. Yum.

But something was still missing. Then we found an avocado hiding out in the bottom of the produce bin in our refrigerator. Sliced it. Drizzled it all with some olive oil + salt and pepper. Balsamic would have been another tasty addition.

Ada enjoyed some beets, too!

Don't let that face fool you. She gobbled them all up. Almost as fast as she devoured her tofu the other night. Introducing foods to Ada is fun. Although, for the last couple days, she's been slowing down and refusing to eat solids. I doubt she's being picky just yet -- I think that's saved for toddlerhood.

Anyway, this was a fantastic way to use up our beets. I'm sure we'll get more soon, so I need to think of new uses for them.

What fun ways have you found to use up CSA produce? Our basket has been plentiful. It's a workout finding ways to eat it all.

Today on Writing Chapter Three, we've written up some way that we're moving forward with organics at the grocery store. And stay turned to this blog for a grocery/bulk bag review and giveaway!

PS: In my deals searching this morning I came across a deal for runners! The Garmin Forerunner 110 w/ heart rate monitor for $149.99 -- $80 off ('s deal of the day). I often use Stephen's watch, the 210, but am considering getting this one for myself.

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