Revisiting the Kitchen

>> Friday, August 31, 2012

So, I got so distracted last night, for like three hours. And -- truth -- it kept me from posting. I'm completely obsessed with finally accomplishing our large goal of a kitchen remodel. If you haven't followed us for a long time, this news is fresh to you.

If you have endured posts about our Tiny, Carpeted Kitchen and our plans on how we'd Learn To Love It Again, you're probably thinking we'll never get to it. And I hope you're wrong.

Here's what we started with:


Our kitchen was featured on The Kitchn way back in the day. In a way, the title of "Efficient Kitchen" is correct. On a good day. But as some readers pointed our, we have our major challenges.

Like blocked access to lower cabinets to make room for more counter space and appliances.

kitchen tour

A major lack of storage. This is the only good spot. The rest is scattered.

Like in this narrow, dark hallway. We use what is supposed to be a coat closet as our "pantry" area.

We've done the best with what we have. But after finding out we need to purchase a new furnace, we've been faced with if we're going to LOVE or LIST this home. The kitchen is the room we hate the most. If we changed it? I think we'd be much happier and I'd stop browsing listings during most of my free time.

But, really. I'm a food blogger. I spend 90% of my free time in this room. I'd like to stop kneading pizza dough while kneeling on the floor. (No. Really. This happens. To give Stephen space to prep the pizza sauce. It's ridiculous!)

We're playing with the idea of converting our dining-now-family room into the kitchen. Turning the current kitchen into the family room. I need to do some measuring, but my initial estimates look good.

Here are some of the looks I'm loving. You'll notice some common themes: Exposed shelves/dishes/bulk foods, freestanding pieces, whites, pops of color, and utilizing height for storage.

There's many, MANY more -- including the sources of these images for more gawking -- on our Pinterest Kitchen Ideas board. As I've mentioned in the past, our budget is like under $5,000 for this project. So, I'm not sure what we can do.

Off to more dreaming and calculating . . .

Pssst: Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary. We wrote a bit about it today on Writing Chapter Three.

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