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>> Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our good days are really good. Our bad days are really bad. Ada certainly thrives on extremes. I was super productive on Monday. Yesterday? Well, yesterday was quite awful. I'm pretty sure Ada is getting 4 teeth in at once (again -- extremes!), so her naps have been preceded by an hour or more of crying.

Poor thing. Oh, and poor Ada, too! (Hahaha . . .)

So, though Ada is becoming an independent 10-month-old, exploring everything from climbing stairs to sorting through boxes, there are still days when I don't find time to grab breakfast until, well, 1 pm. Typing that out just made me feel like I'm losing this mom thing somehow.

I'm sure other moms can relate. Between nursing, nap wars, chasing around, solid foods, and comforting -- taking care of the baby can mean ignoring mom's needs. On days like this, I like to forget the house is a complete disaster.

Exhibit A.

Instead of dwelling on that laundry pile, I make a gigantic breakfast for lunch.

Scrambled eggs, potatoes, avocado, and freshly squeezed orange juice. You don't need a recipe for this meal. Obviously. But did you know that mayo (or, in this case, fake mayo) can make your scrambled eggs over-the-top delicious?


Just add a heaping tablespoon per 2 eggs, along with a splash or two of milk or almond milk like you usually do. Oh, and eat with lots of ketchup. I know that's a love or hate thing, but I LOVE ketchup with scrambled eggs!

My favorite oranges for making orange juice are Valencias. I have this simple hand juicer and usually three oranges does the trick.

Nothing like fresh juice to get a fresh perspective on a bad day. It's nutritive and nurturing, really.

Unfortunately, today has been another challenging day. (I just wish those teeth would come in already! So far, we're only 1 for 4.) So, I need to take advantage of the silence while I still have it and get a few things done.

Do you have any meals or specific foods/drinks that are particularly healing for you? Either mentally or physically. Fresh juice has got to be one of my favorites for this purpose. It's a rare treat, too.

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