Monday. Oh, Monday.

>> Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm had a terrible day. Before I get into it, I'm declaring this week mini-makeover week. There have been some things I've not written about in a while -- for example, my sugar addiction -- that need some attention. And some change. From head to toe. So, I'm focusing my real-life week on these items.

Why not blog about them, too?

Alright. Some weekend stuff. I dyed my hair. Well, attempted ombre highlights with an at-home kit (this one) -- and it worked pretty well!

We changed up Ada's nursery. Her tree mural fell down weeks ago, so we replaced it. I love the new look. You can see more on Writing Chapter Three.

I ran with my favorite running buddies on Sunday. Funny how last Monday's solo 9-miler was excruciating at a 9:16/mile pace. We ran yesterday's 11-miler at 8:45/mile and it felt great! The power of running with friends always amazes me. (PS: Just started week 9 of the 12 week half training plan!)

And after the awesome run, we went to our favorite kid's museum for some fun. Ada's a little young for a lot of the exhibits, but as the weather gets colder, it's going to be nice to have somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon.

Cabin fever definitely sets in starting in, well, October.

Now why my day has been terrible. Have you ever had too much wax in one of your ears? If you haven't, you're lucky. If you have, it SUCKS, right? Well. More than that for me. My ears have always been sensitive. I had two sets of tubes placed from having too many ear infections as a baby. I never even put my head under water.

Anyway, I have too much wax in my right ear. Ick. This story could go on for ages. Basically, I went to the world's most insensitive doctor today. He gouged around with a sharp instrument, which I've had done before -- but never, ever this roughly, after I told him about my sensitivity issues . . . and then he almost scolded me for being timid and nervous while he dug.

He ultimately told me I needed to use ear drops for a while and come back to have them flushed. I won't be going back to him, by the way. He was seriously rolling his eyes and shaming me for feeling a little scared. Yeah. I am scared! Anyway, I used the drops this afternoon . . . and then they wouldn't come out of my ear! They were stuck in my ear for over an hour and hurt, making me super dizzy, etc.

The worst part is that I have to do it again tonight. So, after I finish dinner, I'm off for round two of this horrible ordeal. I understand that having the whole ear flushing thing isn't torture for most adults, but getting absolutely no understanding from the doctor made it 10,000 times worse. Obviously, I need to find a new one -- and fast!

Besides my ears, I'm pretty brave whenever I need medical procedures done. From needles to giving birth without drugs. But when it comes to my ears?! AHHHH! Do you have a weird quirk like this, too? I can't be the only one!

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