A New Leaf

>> Friday, October 19, 2012

I could write a lot of things tonight. I am feeling sluggish, tired, and unhealthy. Running is going fine. I'm ready to run Sunday's race, but there's little passion there. I've been eating grilled cheese for most every meal since Ada's solids strike made me into her personal chef.

Yeah. I always use the baby card when I'm in a funk. I feel like now that Ada's almost a year old, I need to start taking some responsibility of my own for how I'm treating myself, my body, my mind.

The truth is:

So, starting next Monday, I am turning a new leaf. For me, I always have to start fresh. Set a date. Make a plan. Get organized and keep track. And usually I have to make radical modifications to snap out of bad habits. Why Monday? I need to get through this race weekend. Don't want to change anything just yet.

Nothing I'll be doing is revolutionary or new, really. But I am hoping some of you will enjoy and even consider joining me. Not necessarily to do exactly what I'm doing, but, instead, to find your own path to transformation. Whatever that word means to you in this moment.

I'll be outlining some of my goals next week (nothing terribly specific, mind you). I worked on a rough menu plan earlier today and thought I'd share it, as I'll be blogging many of these meals -- short recipes -- throughout the week. If you have any suggestions for healing foods, I'd love to incorporate some into my plan.


  • Green Smoothies
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs

  • Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli w/ Brown Rice
  • Miso Stew
  • Homemade Black Bean Burgers


I've put myself on detoxes in the past. This "New Leaf" plan, as I'm calling it, isn't a detox. It's just me, trying to figure out what feels wrong in my diet, exercise, and life in general. Obviously it's going to be some trial and error. I have no specific expectations at this point.

As I already wrote, I'll be blogging recipes and other things during the process. I am thinking a kickoff of clean eating might do the trick. I am also planning to add yoga back into my routine, as I am in need of the mental health benefits I used to enjoy when I was deep in practice.

I don't know about you, but whenever the seasons change, I tend to feel restless. I think part of this whole thing is a product of that stirring. I may come out of it doing nothing different in the long term. As I see it, at least by taking this time, I'm responding to whatever is inside me, telling me to examine my life.

Whether or not anything "productive" happens, sometimes engaging in that internal dialogue is all I need to do to feel back on track.

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