New Leaf: First Morning

>> Monday, October 22, 2012

In the spirit of my New Leaf plan, I thought I'd do less formal blog posting this week. Sort of an up-to-the minute report of what I'm eating or doing, etc. We'll see if that works out with my schedule, but it's what I'd like to do. I think it might help me stay on track.

For example, all I have to say right now is that Monday is going well. I woke up and drank a large mug of White Tea.

I am super sore from yesterday's half marathon (recap soon -- Stephen came in 3rd overall!), which included over 800 feet of climbing. I've often read that white tea is anti-inflammatory. Hoping it helps me both inside and out.

Then I got in a late breakfast. Starting with eggs.

Two of them from our lovely farm (you may remember that we visited and even met these chickens not terribly long ago). Over easy and slathered in hot sauce.

Served with quinoa and broccoli.

GOAL #1: Find time to make breakfast each day. OK. I already DO that, but I want to make it earlier so it isn't after 10 AM. Between getting my work done and taking care of Ada, I usually don't eat until at least 10 AM when she goes down for a nap. If I make it the night before or do something simple like frying eggs, it should be easier.

This point has been a major downfall with my eating. Like if I had to name one thing that was my biggest problem, breakfast would be it. I'm still learning the at-home mom with a part-time job balance. I'd grab some bread or even a cookie, and it would start my day off on a bad note. Already I've noticed my head feels clearer having put emphasis on protein so early in the day.

And I'd like to elaborate more on why this plan isn't a detox. You'll see that I am eating very detox-y foods. However, I don't want to cut out all bread, sugar, dairy, etc. I am hoping instead to incorporate more plant-based meals to refocus my attention on veggies, protein, and a wider variety of carbs. You know. Stuff besides delicious, crusty breads.

It's trial and error.

I find when I go all or nothing with anything in my life -- especially diet -- I set myself up for failure, both mentally/emotionally and physically. I am considering racing running another half marathon in two weeks, so I need to eat a good mix of proteins, carbs, fats, fruits, and veggies. But hopefully less carbs and fats than I have been, since I've been relying on them almost entirely.

What healthy decisions have you made already this morning?

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