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>> Thursday, November 8, 2012

I've been quiet about the whole New Leaf plan. Adjusting to the time change combined with teething issues has left me a bit ragged and without time to myself (less-than-stellar napping). It's still going strong, though, and I hope if you were embarking on your own that things are well.

 Today started with a great breakfast:

You guys and gals have been telling me for years that I need to eat more vegetarian sources of protein to help starve off sugar cravings. And you were right. When I make an effort to include a dose of protein with every meal, and not just peanut butter and cheese, I feel like my energy stays stable and I'm not hitting highs and lows with hunger/cravings.

I plan to make myself a smoothie shortly. I've enjoyed breaking my breakfast into two smaller meals for several reasons. I pick at the eggs and toast as I feed Ada her meal (she eats the same, just with her egg scrambled). Then after I complete my work for the day, I suck down some fruits/veggies in smoothie form.

I'll be back this afternoon with a couple new goals. For now, I'm off to get a start on one of them, which includes some sorting, folding, and scrubbing. We're blessed with a gorgeous sunny day today, so I am hoping to get outdoors for a bit -- even in the cold!

Have you been trying to stick with new, healthy habits? What are your motivators? Tricks? Etc.? Tell me about them!

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