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>> Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have a fantastic recipe ready to be posted! Roasted Butternut Squash Miso Soup. Sounds delicious, right? I can't find my camera cable, so it'll need to wait until later. I have a few random things to write about in the meantime, so I thought I'd get all that out now.

First: Do you remember Geocities websites from the mid-1990s?

Stephen and I were talking last night about the advent of the internet, because we're dorks, and all of a sudden I remembered that in sixth or seventh grade . . . I had a website. Not just any site. A t.r.i.b.u.t.e site entirely dedicated to the late, great John Lennon (image credit).

I would sit for hours on our little big Apple computer waiting for the dial-up to load as I edited my site. I learned basic HTML all on my own and even got into fancy stuff like tables. Oh, and the background to the page was definitely an obnoxious animated GIF. I also remember finding a GIF of a flickering white candle. Oh, goodness.

So, I searched high and low last night to see if any evidence of this embarrassing prepubescent project was online. Unfortunately, Geocities is long gone after Yahoo acquired it a few years back.

There is an archive, however, located at Reocities. If you know your old address, you're set. Sadly, I can only remember that I was in the Hollywood neighborhood. (Because when I was 11, Hollywood was probably the most exotic and exciting place I could think of. I remember taking great care in choosing this location!)

#2: If you take way too many photos like I do, you may want to check out some deals I posted today on Wise Bread. The first is from Walgreens, where you can get an 8x10" Collage Print for free. And the second is from Shutterfly where you can get 101 4x6" prints for free with only $7 shipping.

I already ordered my collage print (above) and just need to go pick it up.  Tonight I'll try to figure out which photos to get for the Shutterfly deal since it expires tomorrow! Just wanted to give you a heads up if you don't normally check out the deals I post over there daily.

#3: I decided against running half marathon number two this weekend. At first, I thought my IT-band might be acting up again. It seems to be OK for now. Still, I am not feeling like racing mentally or physically. My effort at the Runner's World Half Marathon was enough for this season. I am, instead, setting my sights on some new goals for winter.

I write about it every year, but there's a 10K series in January. I'd like to actually train for it this year to try to PR at that distance. I've never run a great 10K time compared to all my other distances. In fact, if you look at my performance projections, I should be able to run in the high 46s.

I think that time might be too ambitious for this year, but we'll see.

I am tentatively going to follow Hal Higdon's Intermediate 10K plan for the next couple months. But with the long runs from the Advanced plan, or possibly longer. Probably not over 10 miles, though. Then I'll get back to half marathon training in the spring.

#4: Stephen is thinking of starting his own blog. I am including this only because he needs some extra motivation to get it started. It won't really be in the same type of format that my blogs follow. Instead, it would be more of his training log, workouts, and race reports. Strictly about running.

I know from my surveys in the past that there are some guys who read here (hey, guys!). I just thought you might be interested to know that he's planning on it. Probably going to focus on minimal shoes, training at the advanced level, and other hardcore running stuff.

I'm actually quite excited to read what he writes. As much as we spend a ton of time together, our training remains very separate.

Oh, look. Stephen's home from work right now! Time to go bug him about his new project! If you read Writing Chapter Three, today I posted 20 At-Home, Indoor Activities for (Pre)Toddlers for the upcoming winter months.

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