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>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I was flipping through some old magazines last night and it brought into mind the whole phenomenon of fitness trends. When I went away to college over 10 years ago, yoga was this huge, "new" thing everyone was doing. Ithaca College offered a few yoga classes -- not many -- but I eagerly waited in line to get a coveted spot in an evening class.

Ommmmm . . .

I feel like Pilates is what next appeared on the scene. I don't exactly remember when, but it was BIG. That and getting in time on the elliptical. Then a fusion of yoga and Pilates. Running became a trend, too. Spinning class. Then the whole Zumba craze. Then hot yoga -- everyone must try HOT yoga.

Now I can't read a magazine or blog without seeing some mention of CrossFit. Burpees. Hollow rocks. Jackknives. Split jumps. I have no clue what I'm even writing about here.

I've been swept into several of these trends. I'm sure many of you have as well. And I know I'm forgetting a ton of them. In my mother's 20s, it was all about dance aerobics. Sweatin' to the Oldies. Jogging. We all know how cycles tend to recur in time -- like how yoga, as I mentioned above, really isn't so "new" and has been done for ages and ages.

I wonder when we'll all be stocking up on equipment for step aerobics class!

According to Women's Health Magazine, "Strength training and body-weight training will be among the most popular fitness trends of 2013."

Now, one thing that has kept me from participating in more recent trends is the cost of classes and gym memberships. The time involved outside of running, which -- for me -- will never be a trend. It's my lifelong buddy. My activity of choice. So, what's awesome about this body-weight training is that . . . all you need is yourself!

Check out all these Zero Dollar Strength Training workouts you can do!

I'm planning to start my new year by indulging in this trend myself. I need help busting out of my fitness rut. I know my running will benefit from it. My body and bones, too. I am going to stop taking down Stephen's doorway pull-up bar and start putting myself up there as well.

What's your favorite fitness trend now or from throughout the ages?

Or perhaps there's one you'd like to forget! Just like with fashion, we can definitely have our missteps. For example, I am terrible at Pilates. I hate it. I tried it on once -- it was far from flattering -- and that was enough for me.

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