>> Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've been searching for some exercises I can do on my off days from running. Stuff I can do quickly and quietly while Ada naps. The treadmill is far too loud and right next to her room. The spinning bike is quieter, but I moan and groan from my burning quads.

So, I thought I'd review some TV workouts over the next couple months as I try them out. Last night, I indulged in a new-to-me DVD: Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown. (I actually bought it via this link and play it on our Roku player.)

I've only been through Level 1, but -- for those of you who are unfamiliar -- each workout is 30 minutes (two workouts for a total of 1 hour). It's a sort of bastardized power yoga sequence. I like that it's difficult, yet familiar. All of these same poses were incorporated in my practice many years ago. They're just much harder for me to do now, especially all those chaturangas!

The good: I definitely can use the stretching. With all the lifting of my 20-lb toddler, my back is killing me. It also feels good to change up my routine from running. I can certainly use the balance and strength training. Plus, I can do it whenever I want versus trying to make a yoga class across town.

The bad: I suppose I expected something a bit more unique from this DVD. Don't get me wrong, it's still very good -- but it's very similar to my old power yoga classes. Nothing really new there. Turning that point into good: I only paid $7.99 for the program, which is half the price of one yoga class.

More to come with these types of reviews. If you have any DVDs you think I should check out, I'm wide open for suggestions. I'm looking for strength and stretching, but I'm also interested in cardio-focused stuff. And I'm trying to stay away from anything that requires equipment beyond two hand weights.


I've been asked by several of you what blogs and websites I read on a (semi)daily basis. This list used to be pages long, but I've recently pared down quite a bit because I simply don't have time. Of course, it's always changing, but here we go!

: : : Food : : :

: : : Fitness : : :
No Meat Athlete
Runner's World

: : : Mom-stuff : : :

: : : Home : : :

: : : Laughs : : :

Have any good reads to suggest? Please include books! I desperately need to carve out time to read a good book (I like non-fiction best!).

And if you didn't catch it yesterday, check out Writing Chapter Three for some tips on how to take your own family photos.

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