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>> Friday, December 14, 2012

We are far from done with our modest kitchen overhaul. I know I said I'd be writing about it on Writing Chapter Three, but today I felt like this was the place to share. Our goal is to have the majority of it done by Christmas. (And Stephen doesn't know this yet, but my goal is to have the majority of it done by Sunday night!)

Home projects sure are different with a toddler in the house. Here's a typical Day in the Life. Working in-between naps or struggling with no naps is tricky, but with my dad's help -- we've made some good progress.

For reference, here's our old kitchen tour.

Much of our mission is to make the kitchen functional. To pare down the things we don't really use. We had a lot of stuff hanging from this bar in the past. Most of it decorative. IT seemed like the perfect place to hang our MVP pots and pans.

But we still want things to look nice, so we got this gorgeous faux-tin backsplash. A bit more expensive than we wanted, but way easier to install than tile.

As you can see, we also tore down the cabinets that were on either side of the window and replaced them with wooden shelves on a track system. We like the look -- it's opened up the small space -- but we also like how it has forced us to get rid of tons of glasses, plates, etc. we weren't actually using.

Should cut down on loads of dishes, too!

Most of our budget has been spent on the two items you see above. The wall cabinet and kitchen "island" that we're using more as a lower cabinet. We don't have the funds to completely redo the kitchen, so having a few functional pieces helps. I'll write more about why these are so much better than the existing cabinets in another post.

What a difference, though! They even have shelves that roll out. I feel like a movie star. Doesn't take much . . .

Then there's the matter of paint. We went with an almost-white cream for the walls with some chalkboard accents because we had paint leftover from Ada's nursery. It's very different and I'm still not sure I like it yet (the white seems unfinished and stark, I actually adore the black! Probably just need time to get used to it.). Oh, and I'd say only 2/3 of the room is painted. I need to get on that. It's my least favorite task.

Yeah. There are many more items that belong on this to-do list. And I'll leave future artwork to Stephen.

We're trying our hardest to stick within our $1,000 budget. I do think we'll go over, but only slightly. So, that's a bit of what's going on around here (and why you haven't seen many recipes lately). Fingers crossed we can get some major stuff done this weekend . . . and the full tour can be posted soon!

What are you up to this weekend? Otherwise, we want to get Ada's picture with Santa, go to our favorite brew-pub, check out the new GoodWill store (& make some donations), and get in some longer runs. I've already done two 6-milers this week! I can't believe it. But more about that in another post.

And check back tomorrow for the winner of the Tiny Food Party cookbook giveaway. You still have time to enter!

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