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>> Thursday, January 10, 2013

Juicing . . . it's everywhere.

Everyone I know has seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you haven't, you should definitely seek it out or risk getting left behind in the whole juicing r+e+v+o+l+u+t+i+o+n. Also, if you haven't updated your queue in a while, consider adding the following . . .

Back to juice now. I know the high-glycemic, citrus-only juices aren't all the rage. They aren't even the best for you to pound glass after glass, but I have somehow made a habit: A small glass of grapefruit juice most every morning.

Harmless enough . . .

If you're feeling sluggish and perhaps seasonally or otherwise sad, I beg you to freshly squeeze fresh oranges or grapefruits and drink up. Even if you use an old-timey juicer like me. Just a small jolt of the stuff gets me feeling like my body -- mind, blood, and bones -- is impervious to the common cold, the flu, etc.

It may be more mental than anything else. A simple sugar rush. But it's like liquid sunshine -- and in dark, cold, and dreary upstate NY, I need as much of that as I can get. Veggies can have a similar, almost intoxicating effect, as I learned when I "juiced" carrots last month in my Ninja blender.

I'm not one to jump on new health trends, but drinking juice definitely has a positive impact on my mood. I can't pinpoint exactly why or how -- but why question it? My brother-in-law is sending us a legitimate juicer soon, so expect more liquid-talk in the coming months.

What's your juice? Is there something specific -- above all other foods/drinks -- you consume daily that you feel positively impacts your health and well-being?

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