Sourdough Experiment: Day 1

>> Sunday, January 6, 2013

One of my goals for the new year is to bake some awesome breads at home. One of my favorite breads is a crusty sourdough loaf. I've been hesitant to try making it on my own because it requires a starter -- which is needed to "produce a vigorous leaven and to develop the flavour of the bread" (Source).

Extra step.
Five years pass.
Bread still not checked off my list.

But guess what! Making a starter is actually far less intimidating than I thought. There are a variety of ways to start, including buying a store-bought mix (I can't find one in my area), using organic grapes or raisins, etc. I opted to try this basic starter recipe I found on The Kitchn from way back in 2008.

All you need is love flour, (spring) water, and an optional pinch of yeast. OK. Some love, too.

DAY 1: Complete. Just mix together the flour, water, and a pinch of yeast. Tomorrow I'll add more water and flour . . . and after yet another 24 hour wait, the same (and so on -- it's all detailed in the instructions). By day 5, which I'm saying is Friday, the starter will be ready to use.

I'm thinking I'll follow this Sourdough Artisan Bread recipe I found on An Oregon Cottage. I want to use my cast iron dutch oven to bake and get the best crust. But there's also this simple recipe on The Kitchn that only requires a loaf pan.

Decisions, decisions.

It feels good to make headway on one of my 2013 goals. I know to perfect my bread baking skills, it will take far more than this first attempt. I'm ready for it!

And if you'd like to join me and bake up some delicious sourdough, I'd love to share tips + tricks and general thoughts along the way. Just leave a note in the comments, and maybe we'll do a photo-share and writeup of experiences at the end. Does that sound like fun? I think so!

So, more soon . . .

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