Sourdough Experiment: Stage 2

>> Friday, January 11, 2013

I was so excited for this next stage in the Sourdough Experiment. Armed with a delicious recipe (that I won't share for reasons you'll know in soon enough), I scooped into my baby starter and measured out the rest of the ingredients.

pour + mix + rise

My starter was gorgeous white and bubbly and smelled very much fermented. I think adding a pinch of yeast -- in other words "cheating" -- helped. But I'm not sharing the recipe I followed for the bread because in its instructions it said the dough will be "shaggy" and to let it sit for 12 hours to rise.

Well, it's been a good 12 hours and the shaggy dough does not at all seem like something that will bake into a scrumptious sourdough loaf with air pockets of goodness. It didn't rise one bit and it looks exactly as it did 12 hours ago. Too dry, I'm sure of it.

Actually, it looks most like a mess of wasted time. Thankfully, I fed the starter again to replenish its stores.

I knew something was amiss from the beginning -- but didn't want to believe it. Could I have added an extra half cup of flour while trying to document the whole thing? It's possible. Could the recipe just have a mistake in it? Surely -- we all know I forget to write out ingredients from time to time.

Also: Why are most bread recipes not measured in cups, instead ounces/grams/etc.? It drives me insane. I have a converter table on my refrigerator, but I'm too lazy to use it.

Regardless, I'm going to seek another no-knead recipe (I am choosing no-knead because in the past, that process has given me the best results) + mix it all up again. Using a bit of creative license here with these photos -- I'll ask you just imagine the scenes from THIS DAY are what produced whatever is to come.

Who else is baking with me? How is it going?

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