Terrible Tuesday

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Full disclosure: This photo is from days ago, but it looks very much the same on this sunny Tuesday afternoon. What that means is good stuff for you all, but we have loads of dishes to do by hand and in the washer tonight. It doesn't help that I have a bad habit of getting a new water glass every time I get up.

We all have our quirks, right?

I had planned to share with you a roasted sweet potato + black bean burger recipe today. Someone (cough, cough) ate the last one before I got the chance to photograph it. You may think I'm referring to Stephen in a coy way there, but I am -- in fact -- referring to myself.

So, I'll post the recipe tomorrow with lovely photos because I'm making these burgers AGAIN tonight. They are seriously that good. For now, here's the pre-cooked view of all the black beans + roasted sweet potatoes + walnuts + oats + spices and even more healthy, hearty deliciousness.

I think they'd be great for freezing, too. Double quadruple batch maybe? I'll try to throw in a dessert for making you wait, too.

I wrote about my weird lightheadedness issues yesterday. I feel totally normal besides having these strange moments of cloudy funk. However, the soonest I could get an appointment with a new GP was the 24th, so I decided the whole thing warranted a trip to the walk-in clinic. I hate feeling sick, weak, and otherwise shut-in -- especially when the cause isn't clear-cut.

Everyone was encouraged to wear a mask due to the recent flu issues around the area. (Making my best crazy eyes face there.)

In the end, my issue isn't sinus or ear-related. The doctor suspects anemia. I got three deep red viles of blood taken and should get the results tomorrow. I used to hate having my blood taken, but after enduring the 3-hour glucose test during my pregnancy -- it's a piece of cake. Fingers crossed we'll figure it out soon and/or the feeling will just stop.

I am ready to be back to my old self, please. Ready, too, to get out there and run some of the Freeze 10K series that I am dearly, dearly missing in all this madness.

Maybe this isn't such a terrible Tuesday after all. Just a busy and somewhat uncomfortable one. I've written over on Writing Chapter Three how I feel totally enthused to make 2013 the best year yet. I am hoping it's infectious, if you need some spunk.

Enjoy your afternoon! And if you're also on Day 3 of the Sourdough Experiment, don't forget to feed your starter!!!

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