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>> Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Friday!

Just toss beans, veggies, tomatoes, both, and spices into the pot.
Cook on high for several hours. Can't go wrong.

 // Stashing $$$ //
A relatively pain-free way to save a bit each week.
Almost $1,400/year. What to do with all that cash?

// Where the Magic Happens //
Our "master" bedroom needs an overhaul. Badly.
These spaces look calm + pretty.

// Pom Pretty Garland //
OK. I'm obsessed with poms. Evidenced here.
This project is cute, too.

// Who's Got GREEN Juice? //
Not us, unfortunately. Juicer arrived broken!
This recipe uses a blender. Photos are my favorite OFALLTIME.

// Free Kindness //
It's always good to remember stuff like this.
The best things in life really are free.

// Treat Yourself //
A roundup of some pretty things.
And more proof I'm obsessed with lip balm.

// Goblet Squats //
 Are killer. Goal: 50/day.
Just for kicks. In the shower of all places.

// This week in Food // 
Lately I can't feast my eyes on enough sandwich cookies.
Chocolate cakes and canned champagne, too.

// Chicago's Hidden Farms //
"Urban agriculture is sometimes thought of as new and trendy
. . .  but people have been growing food in backyards for generations."  

Here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three:


What's new and exciting with you? I got bangs, by the way. Cost me $8 at the mall and worth every penny. I always cut them myself, but it was nice to have them properly shaped for once in my life.

Cue selfie.

See any good movies lately? I need suggestions!

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