Superbowl Sunday

>> Sunday, February 3, 2013

I mean that title in the most literal way possible. I have used almost all our mixing bowls today. Thank goodness Stephen doesn't mind washing dishes, because I sure do. But seriously: What time does the game start? 6-ish, right?

I hope to finish my long run around then; I delayed it considerably to make all of this + more.

I'm planning to write yet another grocery budget related post this week. It will be about how we've been sticking to our $50 budget. Scratch that. $65 budget, which -- though it isn't our ideal dollar amount -- is pretty great considering Ada's eating us out of house and home these days.

OK. Every other day she is.
Then she won't eat anything.
Then everything again.
Then even less than before.

It's hard to keep up with fickle toddler habits.

Today I've sliced, baked, roasted, or mixed together a ton. Stove-Top Applesauce + Beautiful Sourdough Bread + Rosemary Salt Biscuits + Crock Pot Veggie Soup + Russet Potato Fries + Deep Dish Chocolate Chippers. And we'll be making some veggie burgers (probably these and these) in bulk later.

Lots of stuff to post about. But I definitely need a break now. Drink a nice, tall glass of water and try to get pumped to run in the chilly February air. It's not too bad, actually. I think it's around 25 degrees.

I finally know who's in the big game tonight. I'm cheering on the 49ers. Why? My third grade teacher Mrs. Hall was obsessed with them + taught us all how to multiply 7x7 by saying: "SEVEN TIMES SEVEN IS THE FOURTY-NINERS!" That was way back in the days of Joe Montana, by the way. 

Good enough reason for me!

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