Weekend Things

>> Friday, March 8, 2013

// Do you ACV? //
I don't mean to bragg*, but we've guzzled + used it for a few years.
(*Get it? Bragg? ACV humor . . . ha ha ha)

// Garden in a Box //
My MIL finds the best pins for the green thumb (which I don't really have, but wish I did).
We may make our own pallet garden this year. This upright variety is cool as well.

// Thai Time //
Somehow in my gluten-free adventures, I forgot about Asian food.
This vegan Pad Thai is top on my to-make list this weekend.

This set of colorful, woven cotton grocery bags is gorgeous.
Maybe pretty enough so I won't keep forgetting mine in the car?

// Carrot Top //
I was excited to learn there are tasty ways to use veggie castoffs.
Even more to discover the cookbook Roots: 225 recipes using root vegetables.

// Organize //
The temps are over 35 degrees F; it feels like the thaw has begun here in upstate.
I'm in full-on cleaning mode -- this smart use of a small bath space is great!

// StyleMint //
I picked up several amazingly inexpensive dresses yesterday.
I mean it, too $10-$12 each! I go for nice cuts/solid colors these days. C'mon, spring!

// Watch //
We're in the thick of to-be natural gas drilling country.
Remind me again why I hadn't watched GasLand until this week?
(We finally, finally, finally saw Argo, too!)

// DIY Hair Ties //
You know those awesome hair ties I got for Christmas?
This little tutorial shows you how to make 'em.

// Save the Peels //
We're going strong with our natural cleaning "initiative" -- yay!

// International Women's Day //
10 profiles of Fierce Women (Mother Jones) A Schedule Of Events (Washington Post)
New Faces of Women's Empowerment (Forbes) Women Explorers (National Geographic)

And here's what you may have missed on Writing Chapter Three.

Have a great weekend!

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