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>> Friday, March 15, 2013

Please allow me to be vain for a minute. (Or eternity -- this is the www, after all.) I try my best not to be t.o.t.a.l.l.y obnoxious on this blog, and sometimes I fail. But I have had four -- FOUR -- consecutive awesome hair days this week. This one was my favorite, though I need to trim my bangs.

"Yeah, you look great, Ashley . . . moving on now . . . "

// I Wanna Be Dirty //
Or just have better hair. Second day is always the best, as I'm finding out.
(Never longer for me, though. I'm slick. And by that, I mean oily.)
I use this dry shampoo + a cheap-o boar bristle brush I've had for years.

// No More Face Wash //
File this with the No-Shampoo Method. Naturally clean!
A way to clean your face using only baking soda + coconut oil.

You aren't dreaming. This is a real book of vegan, GF deliciousness.
From Mac and Cheese to chocolate cupcakes!
Check out Un-junk Your Junk Food, too.

// Beer Pizza Dough //
We've actually made something very similar before.
But if you can't wait for our post, check out this one.

Tofu = food I didn't think you could freeze. From bad, bad experience.
But there's a right and a wrong way. Here's how.

// Race Pace //
Do you use online race pace projectors?
Plug in a current race time and see how you might do at another distance.

// Watch //
Who the (BLEEP) Did I Marry?, especially the Green River Killer episode.
And I'm hoping to finally catch Life of Pi one of these days.

// In (Gluten-Free) News //
"Utah company seeks funds for gluten-free culinary institute" (Salt Lake Tribune).
"Why we're wasting billions on gluten-free food" (TIME Magazine).
"Gluten-free diet appeals to 30 percent of adults, survey says" (Huffington Post).

// DIY Inspiration //
Here are a few things I would love to make.
Seriously, Pinterest is the best (and the worst!).

// Swimmingly //
I've replaced one of my running workouts each week w/ a 1-mile swim.
Still kicks my butt, but gentle on my legs. Here's some swimming memories of mine.

Do you have kids? Do they wear clothes?
Check out Writing Chapter Three for a cute giveaway.

And here's what else you may have missed on my other site:

Have a great weekend!

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